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Seven Places To Hide a Spare Key

Don’t put a key under the mat at your front door and gone are the days when you can just hide a key in your wallet.

It is very important to have a spare key to something. Keys get lost in drawers, closets, the floorboard of cars and the deepest recesses of that old couch over in the corner. It is always a good idea to have a spare key. Maybe not just for you, but in case relatives or friends come over for a few days. If you can trust them with a key, then by all means give them one. For those of you who want to hide a key, then this article is for you.

It is a certain kind of security threat to have a spare key lying around your house. However, if you want to save a visit from the locksmith, having one stowed away somewhere will be a smart thing to do.

A spare key is a great idea but is completely useless if you can’t get to it when you need it. If you place it in an obvious place, then you are defeating the purpose. Putting a key under a doormat or false rock or a plant has been done for many years. So, you have to get a little more creative and industrious than that.

You want to stay away from and resist the urge of placing a key near a front entrance or other common areas of the house.

So, a little bit of thought and some focused creativity will help you hide a key in an area known only to you and those who are privy to the information

Some inspired thoughts and locations to place that spare key

Around Your House

A fake rock is pretty obvious, but have you ever thought about a fake sprinkler? Purchase your fake sprinkler and stick it in the ground with the top exposed. It won’t water your lawn, but it really is only a box that holds your key or keys. This kind of device is affordable and if you already have sprinklers in your yard very doable for key safe keeping.

If you have a house with vinyl siding, then you already have a great place to hide a key. Attach a hook and loop fastener to the key and make your way to the bottom run of siding closest to the ground. The siding will have a curled loop at the very bottom. Place your key and the loop fastener inside this curl of vinyl. You can also attach a small wire such as a paper clip to the key and leave the paper clip sticking out. You want to have enough to grab, but not so much that it is obvious the wire is there.

Do you have trees on your property? What about many trees? Choose a tree that is far away from your house and select the side of the tree facing away from your house. Place a small nail in the tree at a location where the bark is the thickest. Hang the key there and if you can place it so the key dangles within the valleys of the bark ridges, even better.

Your Neighbor’s House

A neighbor’s house is a great place to hide the key to your house. If somebody finds it and tries to use it on your neighbor’s house, it won’t open anything. Most folks just aren’t clever enough to realize the key is for the house next door.

If you would like to take it a step further, you might actually hide a key down the road in your neighborhood at a friend’s house. Make sure you are in a good friendship with the person down the road and they won’t mind you walking on to their property at some odd hours of the day and night. Losing a key does not adhere to any time schedule. So make sure your friend is ok with you walking around their property at 2 AM.

In Your Vehicle

You can still use those magnetic, under the bumper key holders. They are good because at least your key is not at your house until you are. Make sure the thing is secure wherever you choose to put it. Also ensure the lid to the device is securely shut and holding fast to the metal surface you choose.

A better alternative to the magnetic box is a lock box on the hitch of your vehicle. This kind of device locks with a combination of digits. Someone would have to drive your vehicle away to get at the key.

Helpful tips for stashing keys around your dwelling.

  • Just don’t be obvious. If you find yourself using a spare key often, then don’t just hide it back where you stored it the first time. Mix it up. Move the key around the property. Just in case somebody has seen it hanging from something or sparkling in the sunlight, they will not see it again if you keep it moving around the land in a variety of locations.
  • Put your key in its hiding place or put it back in its hiding place after the sun goes down. You want to avoid walking out in broad daylight and hiding your key.
  • Use a separate lock and key for a least often used entry way. A side door is the usual choice. Don’t hide away a key to your front door. Use a less often trafficked entry and exit way.
  • If you find yourself constantly losing a key, consider installing a dead bolt with a number pad or a smart lock. Let your cell phone lock and unlock the device.

Happy hiding!

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