Having door locks to keep your home secure keeps your mind at rest. So, when you start having issues with your uPVC lock barrel, there is a genuine cause for concern. The good thing about this is that you can easily change your uPVC door lock barrel by following some simple methods. Although, if you would not like to bother yourself with the complexities involved, getting a uPVC keys specialist Belfast is the way to go. But still, continue reading this article to have a broad idea about what you can do about this problem.

Most uPVC doors are equipped with a strip lock or multi-point lock and a single “euro cylinder” to keep the door secure. After the door has been used for some time, you may realize that the door lock mechanism has started sticking or has broken completely. You have to service your multi-point lock at a point for some reasons. Some of these reasons can also break your lock cylinder. These include:

Your door is resting entirely on its hinges

This makes the bolts and the locking hooks on the side of the lock unable to fit into the frame’s keeps. When you try to force a drooping door’s hooks into the keeps, it will damage the door further.

The lock will fail over time if you keep trying to force the door to lock. You can damage the spindle and lock cam in the process.

So, if your door lock is broken or is seizing up, you can replace the lock yourself without too much difficulty. Changing a euro-cylinder can be done with the simplest tools and within a short time. Some of the tools you need include a screwdriver, marker pen, ruler or measuring tape and the replacement lock. It will also take you somewhere around 30 minutes to get it done.

Steps to fix your broken uPVC door lock

If all you have to change is the euro-cylinder in your uPVC door lock, it is an easy job. But, if the entire locking mechanism is broken, the task becomes more complex. You might even have to contact a uPVC lock specialist Belfast. If you do not know what the size of your lock is, you can take your existing lock to a uPVC keys specialist Belfast to get another lock.

The perfect lock should not protrude away from the door. It should fit into the door perfectly with little or no protrusion. To get the measurement of your lock, you have to loosen the retaining bolt on the door’s side. After you have removed this bolt, insert your key into the lock and turn it to release the cylinder. You may have to wiggle the key a bit to get the right spot. Once the cylinder gives, you should have no problems removing the lock.

Insert the new lock and see if it fits properly. Since you already confirmed the size by taking it to a uPVC specialist in Belfast, this will be fixed in a short time. Line up the lock by inserting the key into the barrel and turning it to get the bolt out halfway. Once the bolt is out, the lock will be forced into its right position. You can then line the screw with the hole and tighten the screw.

Some common uPVC door lock problems to look out for

Stiff handle or door refusing to lock properly

This usually happens when your door is not aligned correctly. It can be as a result of effects of temperature which leads to contracting and swelling of your uPVC door. Another reason could be general wear and tear which results from constant slamming or hanging on the door. You can resolve this by adjusting the hinges. Doing this will re-align the keeps in the door frame and will set the locks rightly. The problem of your uPVC door not locking properly can also be caused by having debris in the door frame which hinders the door from shutting completely. Cleaning of debris and removal of stones from the door frame can help at times.

Door locks from only one side

If your uPVC door locks from one side of the door and you are unable to turn the key fully from the other side, then there is a problem with your lock barrel. The central cam of the lock cylinder is out of alignment, and you will need to replace the lock barrel. Worn out keys mostly cause this. A uPVC keys specialist can help you with a cylinder replacement.

The door handle is spinning continuously

This happens when you refuse to adjust your stiff uPVC door and continue to force the handle. Forcing the handle strains the internal parts of your door and these parts will come apart sooner or later. If the door handle continuously spins, the spindle in the lock back box is most likely broken, and you may need to replace the back box or the whole lock unit. Get in touch with a uPVC keys specialist to help you open your door and get the new parts. The new parts can be quite expensive. Therefore, it is better you address any problems you notice as early as possible.

Locked out

If you have misplaced your keys and you are unable to unlock your door, do not try to force the door open yourself. You can damage the door in the process. Contact a uPVC keys specialist Belfast such as 24-hour Emergency Locksmiths Belfast to help you cleanly open your door without damaging the lock. After you open the door, you can then remove the lock cylinder and get a replacement.

Dealing with uPVC door problems can be easy if you notice the issues early enough and fix them immediately. But if you leave them unattended to, it can cause damages that will be more expensive to fix. If you have any issues with your uPVC lock, contact 24-hour Emergency Locksmiths Belfast, a uPVC keys specialist Belfast that you can count on.

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