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Historical Locksmithing

The profession of locksmithing was originally the art and science of designing and creating locks and various kinds of metal and wood mechanisms. These intricately created marvels of small mechanics could be found in castles, bridges, wagons, gates, cabinets, houses and various kinds of buildings. Locksmiths could “smith” something using wood or metal and eventually were called upon to make keys, files, armor and locks.

History records the first mention of locksmithing originating in Babylon and Ancient Egypt. Back then, wood formed the first locks that used crude tumblers to prevent the door bar from moving. The citizens of that time used something that looked like our modern toothbrush to move pins and tumblers inside locks.

As the 18th century approached, various chemicals, minerals, and metals were combined to begin making metal locks and keys. The basic design of locks stayed the same. But, the materials from which they were made changed. As the industrial revolution came into fruition, mass production facilities required locksmiths to step up their game and produce more sophisticated locks to protect property and people.

Locksmiths today may be found in various subcategories of the career field. There are locksmiths who only work in the automobile industry who focus on working with locks as a security consultant. Others work for security companies that need them to create even more intricately designed locks and security mechanisms. Investigational organizations such as intelligence agencies employ locksmiths to work in various forensic applications. From their shops across the world, locksmiths continue to hone their craft and introduce new ways to protect life and property.

Other Services

A locksmith carries with them a great deal of history related to locks, keys and historical design. However, locksmiths also do other things and these are not often talked about commonly. The general public is not often aware of these less known skills and services.

Safe Verification

It is a good idea to work with a locksmith you know and trust before purchasing a safe. This locksmith can advise you regarding which safe you should purchase and where or how you should have it in your home or business. A skilled locksmith can also help you sort through the myriad of advertising gimikcs used these days to get you to buy something that may not be worth a “tinker’s damn.”

People, to this day still like finding old safes and treasure chests. The age old wish for “striking it rich” still takes us over when we make a find like this. A locksmith is the one person in town who should be able to get into an old safe and show you if you are the next millionaire.

Locksmiths Come Behind and Check Work

You must have a trusted locksmith in the industry. You need someone who will check another locksmith’s work to ensure it is done correctly. Having this kind of professional relationship will prevent your being scammed and taken advantage of in the marketplace.

Locksmiths who are reputable tells us that they run into a variety of shabbily done things in the industry. One of the situations that may happen is the incorrect installation of a dead bolt. The problem centralizes around the security plate and the screws used to attach it. The bolt should be a full one inch and have an adequate “throw” into the door, window or cabinetry. If these bolts are not installed correctly, the door will not be protected and keys may break off in the structure.

Another place locksmiths find themselves working is the automotive industry. Manufacturers of vehicles sell the security feature of what they advertise as a key mechanism that cannot be duplicated. But, in very truth many of these keys and electronic opening systems can be duplicated by imitating the radio frequencies involved. A locksmith trained in this area can in fact provide you a locking mechanism that cannot be duplicated.

Dealing With Electronics

Locksmiths have had to move straight into the digital age of the 21st century. Computers, cell phones, car jobs and key location devices are now common. The technological advances have required locksmiths to upgrade their tools and procedures. Locksmiths have been installing “smart locks” for several years now.

Doors can be secured these days with an electronic pad that requires the owner to know a pin code or have a keycard. The average locksmith driving around the city must have an extensive inventory of electronic locks and the resulting security tools needed to both install and open them.

They Secure Windows

People often just think of securing their doors to prevent entry and theft. But, did you know you can call upon your local locksmith to “batten down the hatches” so to speak?

Windows are usually made of glass. So, securing them is imporant to prevent the evil doers from gaining entry. Not many know that a locksmith can protect that glass by installing a security screen or some other kind of cover that will prevent breaking the window.

People are not often aware that locksmiths can install window locks precisely designed for that location in a structure. Window locks are designed with double bolt locks or double cylinder locks that require a key from the inside of the structure. So, the combination of a window cover combined with a lock that can only be unlocked from the inside is a “one/two punch” to any would be intruder.

Locksmith Wisdom

Good locksmiths do things like sit around and exchange ideas and stories with other locksmiths. They join professional organizations for fellowship with like minded people but also to find solutions to problems. Its that old adage, “Two heads are better than one” at work here.

They then share this wisdom with their clients. They can offer free advice to home and business owners that will reduce theft and reduce the cost of security for a family.

Feel free to ask locksmiths questions. They like giving anwers.

At 24houremergencylocksmithsbelfast.com we like doing many things related to locksmithing. Answering your questions is one of those small joys that keeps our career interesting. If you require locksmithing services of any kind or just have a question that demands an answer, contact us at 02895 320646 and we’ll be happy to help.

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