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What does it cost to change locks? Things to Consider.

Thinking of doing a lock change Belfast? This thought comes with a lot of questions: the most important of which is how much lock change Belfast costs. Chances are you have tried to have an idea of how much it would cost to have your locks changed and have met with no success. We will try to explore this topic and give you a rough idea of how much you will likely spend to change your locks in Belfast.

Changing your locks periodically is important and all homeowners should pay utmost attention to this part of home maintenance. If you have used the same locks for the past ten years, you should consider changing them. It is only a matter of time before the lock breaks down. Having strict lock maintenance schedules give you full control over home safety. Sometimes, even new locks may need to be changed if you lose your keys or a home break-in.

However, you must consider some things before looking for how to change your locks. If your lock gets damaged as a result of say, a break-in, you want to call in a locksmith to repair it for you. It is a better idea if you upgrade the lock to a much better one. But if you lose your key, rekeying the lock is a much preferable option to save you some money. So, the point is you need to know what service you need before you go about looking for the cost of lock change Belfast.

So, what are the things you need to do and what is involved during a lock change Belfast?

How will the locks be changed?

Changing your lock will cost you more than just money; time, expertise and security also matter. You can either hire a locksmith or go the Do-It-Yourself route, but it’s better to have a professional for maximum confidence in your locks. DIY may cost between $10 and $200 and take a lot of time to get good locks and install them. People think DIY is usually cheaper than contacting a professional locksmith. However, doing the latter might save you more in money, effort, and time, as they are masters of the craft.

Lock change Belfast usually depends on several factors. First of all, do you already have the replacement lock or the locksmith will have to provide one? Will changes be made to your door frame to accommodate the new lock? Will the replacement be the same model as the previous one or is it an upgrade? Although a locksmith may cost more, it saves time. It takes double or triple the time for a novice to change locks compared to a professional locksmith. You will have to find the right locks first, read manuals, and then look for the right tools. A locksmith skips these steps since they are more experienced in this field.

Lock change Belfast starts from $35 when using a locksmith, and the final price will depend on how many locks you want to change, how complex the installation is and whether you have the replacement locks already, or the locksmith will have to provide the lock. The base price is usually inclusive of the charge for answering a service call.

What is the worth of your security?

When changing locks, it is what you pay for that you get. Although this doesn’t mean the most expensive locks are the best locks, the best locks are usually pricey. Deadbolts, for instance, have grades, and in most cases, a grade 1 deadbolt will be more expensive than a Grade 2 or Grade 3 deadbolt. So, how much value you place on your security is a huge factor when choosing a lock. If you need something to lock your door, you won’t spend much time trying to ascertain how secure the lock is. You will likely purchase the first lock you see. But if you are security conscious and you want your lock to be impenetrable, you would take your time to pick the best lock and not mind how much you would have to spend to purchase it.

Is your lock change Belfast for interior or exterior locks?

Interior locks are different from exterior locks as they serve different purposes. Interior locks cannot be used for exterior use because exterior locks are usually stronger and more secure. You have to be clear on which part of your home you want to change its lock so that the locksmith can get the appropriate lock and give you the right cost estimate for it.

Are you just replacing or upgrading?

Lock change Belfast can be one of changing the locks to the same model or changing to a better and more improved model, or in some instances, a downgrade. This will be factored into the cost of replacing the lock. You can choose to get a high-security lock or go for a smart lock upgrade. These upgrades have varying prices which you need to discuss with your locksmith to know which you will be able to afford. A lock upgrade will cost more than a simple lock replacement.


The cost of lock change Belfast is not fixed, and you need a professional locksmith in Belfast to give you an accurate cost estimate so you will know what to prepare for. For a professional locksmith for your lock change Belfast, call 02895 320646 to get started.

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