Varieties of Safes for Your Business and Home

Fire Proof Safes

It is possible to protect your most meaningful valuables from fire and water as well. The safes that are made for protection from fire may also be made of materials that prevent water damage. Hard to imagine, but true. They are made from heat resistant materials and also created with water tight sealants that prevent the onslaught of water from the outside. So, you get double for your money when you purchase a fire retardant safe.

Be aware that fire proof safes come with a variety of features that help you secure your personals. They usually come with a combination lock that contain either a 3 or 4 number combination set at the factory. Each door is held shut with four large 1-inch bolts that are made of hardened steel. These safes are made with interiors that allow you to protect tablets, phones, hard drives, memory cards, USB drives, CDs, DVDs, and other kinds of media. The hinges used are pry resistant and reinforce the door for added strength. Inside these safes you will find key racks, door trays, door pockets and various adjustable trays for specific items you wish to secure.

Each fire proof safe also comes with a reactive desiccant that can absorb humidity inside the safe.

Wall Safes

Probably the most iconic safe known to the human race is the wall safe. They have been around for a long time and many homes have made use of their ability to both keep things safe and conceal themselves within the walls of the home.

Wall safes are designed to provide protection and security for documents, money, and other valuables. The depth of the safe in the wall may be adjusted to provide for maximum use of the wall space and compensate for the thickness of the wall.

Home and business owners have hung paintings in front of wall safes. They may also be hidden behind ornamentation and fake construction pieces.

Record Safes

These safes are designed to protect your most valuable documents, digital media and other things that record things for you and your family. They usually come with a higher tolerance for fire and water damage.

A record safe is evaluated and sold to the public based on the highest temperature it can withstand before its contents will be destroyed. They are rated by the amount of time they will protect contents from natural elements. They are not the most secure of safes made for the market. But, they will protect paper, vinyl and other manmade products for longer periods of time.

A record safe is for just that, important records or documents that you want to keep protected. They are very useful, yet they are potentially more easily broken into than a higher security safe.

Gun Safes

A gun safe usually holds and protects some kind of firearm and the associated ammunition for that firearm. These safes prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing the weapon and its ammunition. This prevents a burglar from also stealing your weapons while engaged in taking other items from your home or business.

Some gun safes can also protect your weapons and ammunition from high intensity fires and extreme flooding of your area. Natural disasters do occur and this kind of safe can prevent damage to your high cost weaponry. The law of some areas require access prevention by a gun lock, a metal gun cabinet or a sophisticated gun safe.

In Ireland and according to British Standard BS7558, under Firearms secure accommodation Regulations 2009, all homes owning a firearm must be in possession of a gun safe. If there is no gun safe, then it is acceptable to remove the firing mechanism and store it in a secure container. You must store the rest of the weapon by locking it away.

Floor Safes

These types of safes are also known as “in-floor safes,” and “floor vaults.” It is a type of safe that is embedded into the floor and oftentimes into the concrete foundation. They are versatile safes that can be installed in wood, concrete and have been used in offices, homes, gas stations and various kinds of stores.

Be careful to know the depth of your flooring so you can choose the correct dimensions of your floor safe. The type of flooring you have may also impact the type of floor safe you purchase. This is because the flooring may or may not assist to retard any future fires you may woefully encounter.

Cash Boxes

These types of boxes are not intentionally designed for secure protection of money. Rather, they are a depository for temporary storing of paper money and coins. It is simply a metal box container for money with compartments made for coins and bills of different denominations.

Other names for this type of money storage are cash register, box, checkout, money drawer, cash desk, coin box, money box, register, sales register and till. You may have also heard it called a piggy bank, collecting box, savings box, strong box, coffer, safe-deposit box, depository and locker.

Depository Safes

This kind of safe is always found in a business or location where business transactions occur requiring the use of cash, deposit slips and receipts of various kinds. It is known as a deposit safe and also a drop safe. This is a special purpose safe and comes in handy for high volume sales and business transactions. This safe design will often have many different compartments that can be locked to provide for varying levels of access and control.

Many depository safes are designed with defenses against drill attacks and time delays for after hours access. They come with digital locks that are programmable and anti-drill doors made of reinforced steel. They may arrive with an anti-fish feature which prevents evil-doers from accessing its contents with hooked wires and extendable tools. Sometimes, they will be designed with either three or four locking bolts. This makes it even more difficult to obtain entry to its contents. You may also purchase this device with hardware that will allow you to bolt it to another structure, the floor or steel under-girding structures.

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