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Five Types of Services Locksmiths Offer That Your Parents Didn’t Tell You About

Locksmiths are specialized professionals who belong to a fraternity of craftsman that hearken back for centuries. They possess a highly focused set of skills and render to the general society an measurable gift of safety and security in a variety of ways. Here are some things you might not have known locksmiths do in addition to making keys or getting you back into your car.

Check the Work of Other Craftsman

Locksmiths can be a trusted member of your home or business for products and services. With time, people tend to do business with those they trust. Having a professional and honest relationship with your local locksmith can prevent you from being taken advantage of. You will have a sense of security by employing the same locksmith over time and building a bond of trust.

Through consumer research, it has been determined that the most often issue that homeowners run into are poorly installed locks. A deadbolt lock is most often the lock that was not matched to the door or installed according to the manufacturers specifications or builder’s requirements. A dead bolt lock should be installed with a security plate using three inch screws. Further, the bolt must have a “throw” of at least one inch in order to secure the bolt will hold. The door will not be protected and the keys used for the deadbolt can be damaged if turning mechanisms become misaligned.

Another area in which consumers are sometimes misled is in the area of automobile security. A person goes out an purchases a new car. They then get told the key fob they are being given cannot be duplicated. Indeed, coming back to the dealership is the only way to regain entrance to their car. Your local locksmith can duplicate these keys and a lock professional can even provide a key that will prevent future duplication.

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They secure windows.

It is common to think of focusing on securing just doors. After all, these are the primary gateways of entrance to a home or business. However, windows are often the preferred method of entry of those who want to break into your dwelling. Windows do not offer much resistance to blunt force objects or a specialized set of tools. So, it will be important to your security to employ the services of a locksmith to evaluate your window situation and provide solutions.

Remember that glass is an easy substance to break and offers very little resistance to intruders. Many people think reinforcing it is useless since a thief can easily break the glass. This is a lack of understanding regarding the advantages of allowing a locksmith to investigate the situation.

A locksmith can determine if a security screen would do well for your situation. This is a cover that prevents windows from breaking. The screen may limit your vision through the window and may change the aesthetics of the room. As such, this must be taken into consideration. However, the advantage of knowing a thief would not be able to easily break through the window will help you sleep better at night.

A locksmith can also install locks designed to work with windows. The locks designed for windows are not easily sprung and resist tampering. A double bolt lock or even a double cylinder lock may need to be installed.

Check Your Safe 

Marketing of a product is a well thought out process of convincing people to buy a product or service. People who advertise through the internet, television or mailers are educated to understand human behavior and apply psychological mechanisms to draw more buyers. Therefore, try having a locksmith to recommend the purchase of a safe or checking one you may have.

The Master Locksmiths Association of the United Kingdom has recommended consumers to consult with locksmiths about their purchase of a home or business safe. The locksmith can advise and suggest brands or types of safes based on your particular circumstances. You will want the safe that best suits your needs and accomplishes the degree of safety and security you wish to provide for your personal belongings. Locksmiths are adept at suggesting where to place the safe based on architectural drawings. The know exactly where the safe would be the most secure in your home or business.

If you need to get into a safe, again a locksmith can come to your rescue. Locksmiths are in possession of the tools and skillset required to open a variety of safes.

Electronic Locksmiths

This is a digital age and most everything may be operated by computer, smartphone or the installation of apps. Locksmiths have had to upgrade their equipment and in some cases reeducate themselves regarding recent development in “smart” technologies.

The modern and local locksmith can provide you an electronic pad that will allow you to input numbers and letters as opposed to the use of a key. A code or keycard is also used in some circumstances and depending on the preferences of the customer.

The tools necessary to work with these electronic devices have also changed over the years and your local locksmith had had to become quite computer literate in addition to remaining acquainted with the developments in lock technology.

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Advice, Suggestions and the Answers to Your Questions

Everybody needs a friend in the business world. The world of locks, keys, locksmiths, electronic technology and security in general can be an overwhelming subject to the average homeowner and small business entrepreneur. Your local locksmith can solve your problems and answer your questions.

If you are having a hard time locating a trustworthy locksmith then get in touch with the Master Locksmith Association. They can provide you a list of credentialed, licensed and trustworthy locksmiths in your area. You can check a host of online resources to find comments regarding a particular locksmith business and make a determination that way. Check with your neighbors, coworkers and friends in general to see who they have used. Listen for comments such as “They did good work,” “Their price was reasonable,” “They responded immediately to my problem,” etc. Check the locksmiths website for comments left by previous customers and do not hesitate to leave your own comment based on your personal experience with that locksmith.

You will want to begin your research into finding a reputable locksmith before you need them in an emergency. In the event of an emergency, you will be driven by emotion and solving the immediate problem at hand. Do your research, find your locksmith and develop some degree of beginning rapport so that the locksmith will know you during the actual emergency event such as a home or car lockout.


Locksmiths provide a variety of services that the average homeowner does not know about or may need very often. But, it is good to know they don’t just install locks, get you back in your dwelling or make duplicates for keys. Your local locksmith is a “go to” guy for many reasons.

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