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The Festive Season is a special time of the year. In the coming weeks during the build up towards the New Year and Christmas, let’s not forget that it is important to keep your home safe and secure.

Since introducing lockdown measures in Northern Ireland in March overall crime rates have fallen according to PSNI reports.

With the approach of the festive season and darker and longer nights it is worth to make sure that your home is safe and theft proof.

Here is a reminder of some of the simple things you can do to ensure that you and your home will not become a target to any intrusion during the Festive season or ever.

1.Close all windows and doors before you leave the house.

Let’s hope that this year Christmas will be as much as possible a social event when friends and family spend time together.

It makes sense to keep every possible entry closed and locked.

2.Lock tools, garden equipment and ladders in a shed or garage.

These might be very handy and useful tools for any potential unwanted intrusion. It’s best if you keep them out of sight to avoid future disappointments.

3.Don’t leave any gifts or valuables in view next to windows or doors. 

Simply close curtains and blinds if you are going to be away from the house. The closer to the door the valuables are, the faster they can be taken. Your best strategy is to put them away.

4. Don’t keep the packaging of electrical items or other expensive gifts outside your house

If you’ve gotten gifts during the holiday season, you may get so caught up with enjoying them that you don’t pay attention to disposing of the packaging.

If you put the packaging out in the trash, which will then be sitting by the curb waiting to be picked up, you’re basically telling the whole world what sort of gifts are inside.

5. Watch out what you post on Social Media

Potential burglars are like hawks on social media. They look through posts seeking out information on the types of gifts people have gotten, or when they plan to leave their homes for Christmas shopping or for vacation.

Take care not to post about valuables that may be in your home under the Christmas tree, or when the house will be empty.

The Festive season is already here. By following these simple steps I hope you will be able to keep your home safe and sound during this special time of the year.

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What can a locksmith do?

Mark Burns  —  September 20, 2020 — Leave a comment

Most people never think about a lockout situation until they’re in the middle of an emergency.

Suddenly, you find yourself staring through your window at your car keys or wondering how you left your home keys in your room after you’ve walked out the door.

This is the time when it’s good to be familiar with a professional locksmith service. We operate in and about Belfast area, but we can be almost anywhere in Northern Ireland.

My name is Mark and I am a  professional technician who specializes in lock and key repair, can cut a new car key , can gain access to unlock doors, safes, windows, cars, and commercial business, everything that operates on locks and key tumblers system.

Locksmits can help you in many other ways. Your local locksmith in Belfast can do much more than simply replacing keys and repairing door knobs.

Here are some of them.

1.Security safes-open, supply, fit and repair. 

Safes offer both storage and security. If it has been installed properly there might not be any issues with it, but nevertheless problems may occur. That is when you can use the services of your local locksmith. They can help you with

Opening safes and vaults – from digital safes to dial lock safes
Repairing safes
Supplying and installing safes

2.24 Hour Emergency Locksmith 

If your locked out at an unsociable hour, lost your keys or only need the locks replacing & changing an out of hours service is available from some locksmiths.

We can help you with:

Emergency Lockouts
Burglary repairs
Help with lost keys
Spare key cutting


3. Car Keys and Locks 

We offer an auto locksmith service and can help you if you have lost or damaged your car keys.

Our work includes:

Copying and duplicating car keys
Repairing and replace car keys and locks


4.Window and door locks-supply, fit, replace and repair 

One of the most common areas of locksmiths is UPVC door and window locks on a domestic house.

UPVC locks and windows are a specialist area of locksmithing and we can fit, service and repair door and window locks.

Of course, it’s not only doors that need locks but windows too, which give you a little extra security and a pice of mind, too.


We can help you with a wide range of services to improve the safety and security of your home or business.

Some of the most common things you may need a locksmith’s help include repairing a broken lock, key duplication, re-keying, etc. We can do much more than that.


If you need specialist locksmithing work carried out, feel free to ask us if we have  experience in carrying out similar work.

I can give you a quote over the phone. Call me now.



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Life is unpredictable and sometimes your key is breaks inside the lock. What should you do? Most importantly WHAT SHOULD YOU NOT DO? There is no simple answer. It depends on where you are, what tools you have available (if any), how deeply is the broken key inserted,  and how much time you have in your hands.

Nevertheless, I hope you find some useful tips here and manage to get your key out of the lock without calling a locksmith in Belfast. 

One of the most important things that you should avoid is to insert the key again. This can push the other half of the key further and create further delays. Some people are under the illusion that if you place the other half of the broken key back inside you might still open the door. 

You should put the broken part of your key in your pocket and give it your locksmith. Sometimes the other half might stick out and in this case, I hope you have a spare key, too.

Before you start trying to get the broken key out of the lock you have to do a bit of preparation. This is optional and it will make your job easier. 

Begin with applying some kind of lubricant on the lock. You can use the most common one WD-40 but for better results, you can use a dry graphite lubricant. You will need a towel to wipe the access lubricant. Once you have done that you can try to get the half key out with needle-nose pliers.

Don’t put too much pressure on the lock just in case you accidentally further damage it. If enough of the key is accessible you can simply pull it out. Here are some examples of what you can use to do that apart from the needle nose pliers-hair pin, metal paper pin, safety pin, swiss army knife. 

What else can you use to extract the broken key? 

broken key extractor

1. Broken Key Extractor-This is a professional tool, that your locksmith will have. To use this tool you place it inside the keyway along the bitting of the key. To clarify further, you will be trying to hook the teeth on the key with the hook(s) on the extractor. Once placed along the biting, turn, and pull, and this should grab and remove the key. Of course, this may take several attempts. 

2. Jigsaw blade-If you don’t want to buy a specialty broken key extractor, you can make one yourself out of a small jigsaw blade. (This will also work with mini hacksaw blades.)

What you want is a thin piece of metal that will be able to fit in your keyway along with your broken key, so the smaller the better. If needed, break the blade with some needle nose pliers so that you can insert the serrated edge into the lock. If the serrations on your blade are on an angle, place the blade in the keyway so that the serrations are pointing back toward you. This will allow the blade to go in easier, and hook the key easier. 

Keys are subject to frequent use and the normal wear and tear happen, no matter how great the quality of the materials is. If you can’t get the broken key out of the lock by yourself, we are here to help you. Call us and we can fix your broken keys. 



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