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lost keys

You are a very busy person and you have a great many things to accomplish before the sun sets today. You are a mover and a shaker. If you don’t get these things done, the planets will realign and the gravitational pull of the earth will suspend its work. Well, guess what social climber? You just left your keys somewhere and you can’t get at them.

But, never fear. Some good minds have joined together to help you with your lapses in memory. Key finders may have started with somebody wrapping a string around the middle finger in the middle ages. However, key trackers are numerous these days and can be found offering several different kinds of features. They most often are combined with a technologically advanced smartphone and may even have an app that goes along with it.

The average distance these things will work is around 100 feet. The alarms inside the tracker can reach decibel levels of at least 98. The following are on offer and can serve you well.



An offering that comes in at a cost of around 15 pounds is the Orbit bluetooth tracker. It comes in 12 different colors and has a very sleek design made of aluminum. It will make your phone ring even if it is in silent mode and you can take a selfie with it. It will give you the last GPS location of your item. The battery is replaceable and the app will tell you when to replace it. Battery replacement is easy.






The FindX is compatible with Android and iOS systems and is made by RapidX. It does everything every other locator does and uses the findx tracker app. It also has a remote camera and selfie trigger. The battery life is long and there is an extra battery included in the purchase.






Boldguard Tracking Device


You won’t lose things using this device! It comes with a phone locator and the indicator is a buzz that your phone emits. The Boldguard also uses Bluetooth technology to take pictures with your phone while you are away from it.

The device is small in size and will fit in your wallet or attach easily to your key chain. You may choose between a round or square option. It uses an app that comes with educational, training videos that will train you up in no time.

The price point is around 15 pounds.



At a cost of around 15 pounds, this device also boasts of having one of the longest battery lives available. Reports from consumers indicate battery life to be between 12-18 months. An extra battery is included with the purchase, so new technology may come out before you need new batteries!

The alert on the Njoiii is also a resounding 98 decibels. You can locate anything it is attached to and will help you find your phone also. It uses an app called The Smart iTrackEasy app. You will be alerted if you stray beyond the 30 meter indoors and the 50 meter outdoor parameters. The Njoiii comes with a button that allows you to take pictures remotely. Great for selfies!

One of the cool features of this offering is the Njoiii Community Network and Navigational Guidance feature. If, for whatever reason you cannot locate the Njoiii you can mark it as being “lost.” When it is in this category, other users who have the iTrackEasy app will send you its location when they are within its range. Using Apple or Google maps, your lost item or the Njoiii itself will be found.

AIKO Finder

AIKO Finder

Coming in at a cost of around 40 pounds is the Aiko made by Nonda. This device is rechargeable using a micro USB port built into the token. It will alert you when recharging is required. You can buy this modern marvel in packs of four, packs of two or buy only one, whatever suits your convenience.








Do you like pixie dust? Well, this item uses it to show you where your lost item has landed. An arrow is provided to point in the direction you should search while the pixie dust becomes more concentrated the closer you get to your lost item. The Pixie shows you the distance to the lost item exactly. It will also work when your iPhone is off or has a dead battery. The battery life is good lasting up to 12 months with a one year warranty.







Get four of these for around 14 pounds! This item comes complete with a US trademark and uses bluetooth to find things. It has an effective distance of 25M and when not within this range, it will ring to warn you. It is compatible with Android and iOS. You will be required to download the iSearching app. The app will also inform you where a disconnect may have happened along with locating the device you are tracking. The Xenzy is easy to carry and fits nicely into wallets, luggage, purses, backpacks, cameras, toys, etc. Support explains they are online 24/7 so help is available when you need it.

This tracker can remotely control your phone by accessing the camera and the voice recorder. It takes wide angle shots using front or rear facing cameras. It also provides a last seen pin-drop on a map through the app which will help you find items lost. Handy stuff if you lose your car in the car park!



This sleek device changes the way you interact with the fob or actual locator. This offering does not use your cell phone, but a handheld device. It flashes and beeps at the appropriate times up to 100 ft. away. You will be happy to know this item comes with one transmitter and 6 receivers that you can use.

The radio frequency of this device will go through walls, doors and floors. Sounds will reach 80 dB. It doesn’t consume a great deal of power and can stand a long time by itself without a recharge. It comes with free lifetime technical support and a 12 month full replacement warranty.

TrackR (Pixel and Bravo)


Amazon gives you two different options. The TrackR Pixel gets an edge on the TrackR Bravo as it reaches 90 on the decibel chart. The Bravo only reaches 82. The Pixel also comes in a large variety of colors, if that matters to you.

TrackR features include LED lights that help you in the dark and you can also see where your keys are on a map. A locate feature tells you when your keys have been identified. If the battery is running low, it will notify you and you can even find your phone when it is on silent mode.



With this technology, the product and your device will sound off when you are 30 meters or more from your lost item. This device uses iPhone and Google maps to identify the general position of where you may have lost the item. You may use this product to search for your keys or your phone.

Folks like this item because of its price. As of this publication, the price is an affordable 15 euro. There is also a model that settles in at a quick fiver for cost. Battery life of this device is between 6-8 months and some have reported even longer usage times.

You will also be happy to know that the device comes with an alarm that will sound off when your phone and the device lose connection.

So, there you have it. Some amazing devices that will help you get on with your day of conquering the world and bringing home the bacon.

And if you just happen to get stuck without one of these devices and your locked out OR you lose a set of keys, get in touch with us. I’m Mark and you can find me at


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No knowledge is a waste and you will find this saying especially important when it comes to keeping your home, office or property protected from burglary. You need to learn how burglars and thieves behave so you can save yourself from burglary. Why fix locks after burglary Antrim when you can prevent it from happening? An emergency locksmith can help you in two ways; help you fix locks after burglary Antrim or help you put the appropriate measures in place to prevent a burglary. Burglaries happen frequently and you can avoid being a victim by following some of the tips below.


Always lock up.


No property owner or occupant needs to be told that their doors and windows must be locked at all times whenever they are away from their home. Statistics have shown that about 30 percent of burglary cases were made possible by the negligence of the occupants of a property. It’s either an open window or open door which gave the burglar easy access. If you make the extra efforts to keep all entry points into your property locked, it will make it difficult for any burglar to gain access. Also, make sure how strong your locks are to withstand any form of break-in. Strong locks will make the job of the thief harder, get them frustrated and save you the stress of having to fix locks after burglary Antrim.


Figure out who your burglar may be

In most cases, burglars are people who are familiar with our homes. They are usually people we know but will never suspect to break into our homes. It could be a teenager who lives close to you and knows your daily routine, and what your neighborhood looks like. In another instance, it could be someone who has worked in your home or neighborhood in the past and knows the right time to strike. Watch out for people like these and do not let anyone get too close to your home to know what your lifestyle or life schedule is like.


Never make your home look deserted

Even when you’re not at home, make it look like you’re home. This will be a huge deterrent to burglars and thieves. Burglars, most of the time will only look for an easy target to rob. They will hardly go close to an occupied home. So, whenever you’re not at home, there are a number of things you can do to make it look like you never left. Some of them include:


  • Leave a clean and working car in your driveway
  • Never allow your mails to go undelivered. Get a neighbor to pick them up for you.
  • Leave your lights or stereo on.
  • Get smart home appliances that you can remotely control so that burglars will have the feeling that you are at home.


These moves can go a long way in keeping burglars away. A locksmith in Antrim can as well provide you with an effective and professional solution that will give you peace of mind when you are away from your house.



locksmiths in Antrim


Actionable tips to burglary in Antrim

Keep your front door secure


In most burglary cases, the front door is the most common point of entry and in other cases the back door and windows are used. With this, you have to put in place every measure to keep your front door secure. You can install high quality locks, a security camera to monitor your front door and a smart doorbell with video recording. Even a potential burglar will think twice and turn around at the door. Most video doorbells have the feature that lets you answer the door with your smartphone from anywhere in the world. So, you can give the impression that you are home and prevent any potential burglar from breaking in.

If however, a burglar gets into your home, make sure you contact a locksmith to fix locks after burglary Antrim for you.

Do not leave tools lying around your house

No burglar will walk around your neighborhood holding break-in tools or a crowbar. They would not want to arouse any form of suspicion. But if you are the careless type who never bothers to clear tools from your driveway, porch or yard, then you are inadvertently making the job easier for the burglars. They will find it easy to break your locks and your door thereby putting you in the situation where you will have to fix locks after burglary Antrim.




What to do after a burglary Antrim?

Sometimes, the worst happens and that burglary we have been talking about preventing eventually happens. It can be quite devastating but when you put a call through to an emergency locksmith Antrim, they can be at the scene within 30 minutes. A locksmith in Antrim can help you repair and fix locks after burglary Antrim depending on which one you need. Usually, burglars will damage your locks, doors or windows for them to gain entry into your property so you may need to fix locks after Burglary Antrim. This is our area of specialization


As emergency locksmiths Antrim, we can carry out a security survey for you to make sure your property is safe, secure and you have durable locks that can withstand any form of break-in. We will also give you tips and advice on how to make your property unattractive to burglars while fixing any damages the burglar may have done to your door or lock.


We work round the clock and we have a very short response time – we will get to the scene in less than 30 minutes and help you fix locks after burglary Antrim. Of course, calling us does not mean you should not get in touch with the authorities. In fact, you should call the police first so they can take the right steps in apprehending the criminals and possibly recovering any stolen items.


Get in touch with us at Emergency Locksmith Belfast by calling 07866 522 422 immediately you notice the burglary and we will respond swiftly.

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24 Hour Emergency Locksmith Services in Belfast

Emergency Locksmith offer 24-hour mobile lock and key services. If you suddenly find yourself in a predicament you cannot solve or you need immediate help, contact Mark. He is an experienced, professional and friendly person who will assist you to solve your locked out problem. He is committed to quickly addressing the issue at hand no matter how sophisticated or elusive the solution may be. 

All you have to do is give us a chance and you will see why so many previous customers have relied on us for their emergency locksmith needs. The company values include being well-trained, highly skilled and experienced in a variety of lock technologies. 

Finding a skilfull locksmith may turn into a complicated matter for you as you attempt to sort through all the adverts and offers. How to know which company will actually do good work in a timely manner is sometimes like trying to understand a Google algorithm! Just when you think you know everybody in the business, a new sheriff will appear in the locksmith community declaring they are the best. Don’t trust these “fly-by-night” companies that are after a quick buck. Rely on tried and trusted companies and more specifically people who know what they are doing. has been around for several years and we know what we are doing!

The level of training present in this company allows the provision of excellent service and the ability to perform well with several different lock technologies. Finding the right and affordable company may be challenging, but relying on Mark will render the correct price for the correct service/product. 

The company takes your phone call seriously and will apply a sense of urgency to get you back on track. When you decide to reach out to us for help with your emergency lock or key issue, a locksmith will be immediately dispatched to your location. That same locksmith will arrive with all the required equipment and tools to get the job done. 

Give us a call! We can offer you a complimentary phone consultation regarding your needs. Time and experience has taught us that we can give an excellent degree of guaranteed satisfaction. 

Residential Locksmith


 When it comes to your dwelling, that is to say the place where you do most of your living, you don’t want to settle for anything but the best. We are your best choice for businesses and residential locksmithing in Nothern Ireland. We are available 7 days a week and 24 hrs per day. We will be here when the other guys are snoozing!

For a lockout or other issue at your home, we can guarantee we will come immediately so you don’t have to wait. And, to be professional in this kind of residential cirsumstance means we will arrive with all the necessary tools and equipment. To unlock a lock requires the correct keying mechanism. We have been doing this for years and we know how to get you back inside your house. You might even be moving into a new home requiring everything to be rekeyed. It may be that your mailbox needs a new lock or you might just need a few spare keys to keep around in case you need them. will always provide the best solution to your particular situation. 

Automotive Locksmith  

Automotive Locksmith  

 If you drive a car, truck, SUV or any other type of vehicle around Belfast, you should make yourself familiar with us. We are a handy company to know as statistical research indicates that most folks will lock themselves out of their car at least three(3) times during their lives. Many people will do this more times and the number of lockouts is directly proportional to the level of stress in our daily lives. 21st century people have many things to do and locking themselves out of a car appears to be a byproduct of the vast number of tasks that have to get done in any given day. 

When you turn to our company for your lockout situation, you will be able to get back on your way in no time at all. Mark is highly skilled and effective with a variety of lock technologies. He will quickly dispatch himself to your emergency situation and resolve the issue quickly. 

You see, we have learned one of the secrets to success in this business. It really is quite simple. We understand that when people have a lockout event, they are under stress. They may feel confused, angry, or even sad. We know we have to give our customers what they want and need for us to remain successful. The only thing that brings customers back in the future, is their experience of your company when they needed help. We seek to bring a lasting and quick solution to your being locked out of your car. 

Along with these fast and efficient services, it should please you to know we are affordable. Our prices are competitive and well below the national average for such a service. 

Should you find yourself in the unfortunate circumstance of being locked out of your automobile, get in touch with any time of day. We are available whenever you may need us. 

Commercial Locksmith

 Owning a commercial business can be a daunting experience. There are a great many things to think about and get done on any day. Being concerned about break ins or possibly an insurance premium going up is something better left to the locksmith professionals. Our service and years of experience can give you peace of mind and provide you with the necessary security to feel like everything is sorted.    

There are a variety of security features that can be installed in and around your commercial business. We can help protect your business investment by providing you the security features and details to avoid an intrusion from a thief. Without adequate business insurance and without security features to help, it is entirely possible a businesss will have to close after a significant break in. Do yourself a favor and contact us to see how we can protect your business. 

If you would like to learn more about how we can help keep you in business, get you back into your car, open your front door, or get you a spare key, contact and we will get you back to normal and on with your day. 

We offer complimentary, no-obligation, consultations along with our service guarantee.


24 Hour Emergency Locksmith Services in Belfast

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Keeping your house protected after a break-in

Nobody enjoys having their home broken into, and home break-ins cause a great deal of a headache for homeowners or renters. Even though, after a burglary, lost items can be replaced or recovered, the focus should be on avoiding future burglaries. Burglaries and break-ins are signs that a house is not well-secured. Therefore, it is imperative that you fix locks after the burglary to make sure that the burglary does not happen another time. You, as a homeowner, should not be comfortable with the fact that burglars can easily break into your home which means that your house is prone to future burglaries.

24 Hours Emergency Locksmiths Belfast

So, what do you do? A major move is to fix locks after burglaries, but you should also put some things in place first. Once you experience a home burglary, your first order of business is to put some things in place, so it does not happen some other time in the future. Get in touch with a professional locksmith for advice on how to beef up the security of your home or office. Check out some tips you can follow to prevent future home break-ins.

Contact a Locksmith

Usually, after a burglary, you have to first get in touch with a locksmith to check out your door locks. It is imperative that you fix locks after burglary Belfast regardless of whether your lock looks good in your eyes. You have to make sure that every other part of your home where another robbery can take place is taken care of. There is so little you can do on your own when it comes to taking precautions after a burglary. You may even think the burglary occurred because your front door is old and rusty; therefore it was easy to break it; but, your assumptions may not be lasting. What if you change that particular lock and a burglary occurs another time? Investing in the wrong solution is a common issue with homeowners after a robbery has occurred. It is equally possible that your assumption that the problem is a bad lock may be wrong and the problem is your door hinges. For these reasons and more, the first thing you should do is to call a locksmith to not only fix locks after burglary Belfast but to carry out a full diagnosis of your security system.

Change Home locks in Belfast.

Changing locks in Belfast is very easy with a locksmith in Belfast at your beck and call. Within 30 minutes, you will have a locksmith over at the scene of the burglary to change or fix locks after burglary Belfast. Even if the other locks on your property are working well, it is better and safer if the locksmith checks to see if the locks are due for a change.

You may be thinking that changing your locks is a simple task; yes, sometimes, but if the lock has special requirements, you may need a locksmith to help. To prevent the occurrence of another burglary, you may have to install a more advanced security lock. This has to be done properly and in the right way by choosing the ideal lock and installing it. This is one aspect of fix locks after burglary in Belfast that you do not want to get wrong.

You can change or fix your locks if you get in touch with a professional locksmith in Belfast. You only need to call the right one, explain your situation and he will work with you in choosing the right type of lock for your door and entire property.

Common ways burglars break into properties

Most home burglaries do not wish to be met with challenges or any obstacles that may take their time during their operation. All they want is to get in, pick whatever they can and get out within a few minutes. So, most times they look for open doors or windows or cheap locks that can be easily forced open. By knowing how burglars operate, you will be in a better position to avoid being a victim of a burglary.

Facts about burglaries that you should know.

  1. Most burglaries take place on the lowest floor, that is, the ground floor of a building.
  2. Burglars do not look to spend more than one minute trying to dismantle your locks and more than five minutes inside your home.
  3. Burglars, typically operate during the day when you will most likely be away from your home.
  4. Burglars prefer gaining access through unlocked windows and doors.
  5. A large percentage of home burglaries involve forcefully breaking of the doors and locks, so burglars target low-quality doors and windows.
  6. Burglars are not looking to steal the heavy stuff that you own. They want smaller and expensive items such as pieces of jewelry, cash and electronic devices (laptops, cameras and high-end mobile phones).

Dealing with Burglary Belfast

If a burglary just took place at your home, you are advised to make a move immediately. Call a 24-hour emergency locksmith Belfast to help you prevent another burglary in future. You might not need to change your locks; maybe all you need to do is fix locks after burglary Belfast by repairing the locks or replacing some of their components. And if you will not be asked to fix your locks, the locksmith can carry out a complete security evaluation of your home to know how secure it is against future burglary attempts.

Do well to secure the perimeter of your home. Look out for vulnerable spots that burglars can get in through and fix whatever security lapse that is there. Install security cameras around your house, make sure everywhere is well-lit to prevent night-time burglaries. A locksmith in Belfast can recommend the best practices that will work for you to make sure your property is secure. As well all know, however, that nothing is entirely foolproof; if a burglary occurs, a locksmith Belfast will help you fix Locks after Burglary Belfast, so it does not happen another time. You can reach us on 07866 522 422.

Keeping your house protected after a break-in

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All you should know about garage door lock types.

For every house that has a garage, burglars and thieves make the garage their first choice of entry point. So, as a homeowner, while you are working on securing your first door, you should also make sure your garage door is secure. Garage doors are important in the home’s security system, and with technological advancements these days, powered garage doors are very common in homes. Every day before you go to bed or go out, make sure you lock the doors of your garage securely. If you have a garage and you have not paid much attention to your garage doors, contact a locksmith to check it out for you. A full evaluation of your garage doors and locks will help determine whether you need your garage door locks replaced Belfast.

24 Hours Emergency Locksmiths Belfast

Choosing the best garage door locks


You can use deadbolts in place of standard locks that are mostly found on garage doors. Standard locks cannot withstand hammering, picking and any other form of attacks from burglars and thieves. If your garage has an overhead door that rolls or tilts up, make sure keep it secured with padlocks or bolts. Note that the padlock or bolts should be installed at the center of the tracks about a quarter of an inch above the roller when you close the door.

Alternatively, you could use a combination of a bolt and lock where the bolt will be extended into the metal sleeve and have it passed into the ground (the driveway). If you choose a padlock and latch combination, you must ensure that you install the hasp correctly and the screws are out of sight. A locksmith in Belfast can help you get these done should you need your garage door locks replaced.


Your garage door lock should be able to work with your alarm system, remote control device and automatic door closer. Your automatic door closer should also come with a safety mechanism with which you can reverse or stop it in case it gets jammed or obstructed. You should also make sure that before you install new garage door locks, the tracks, hinge mechanisms, rollers and the garage door itself are all in good working conditions. Other components like door handles, bells, pulls and lever must also be installed properly.

How do you know you should have your garage door locks replaced Belfast?

After using for some years, it is very normal for your garage door to wear out over time which may affect its locks as well. The garage door is the most-used door in your home, and you have to make sure it is in the best condition at all times. Let us find out when you should have your garage door locks replaced Belfast by a locksmith.

Worn out locks

You and your family probably use the garage as the major entry and exit point which will put a strain on both the door and its lock. Continued use over a long time could cause the lock to break down and stop functioning properly. Once this happens, you should be considering having your garage door locks replaced Belfast.

Security and Safety Concerns

Your home should be your haven, a sanctuary and your garage door should contribute to the safety you would feel in your home. Your garage door should be safe at all times. If you have experienced a break-in where the thief gained access into your home through the garage door, then you need to have the lock checked and evaluated.

Upgrade purposes

Sometimes a garage door working properly may need to be replaced because it does not meet up to the current obtainable standards. If you would like to install a more technologically advanced lock to replace your manual locks, a locksmith can help you get this done. Features like monitors and remote access are prevalent in locks these days so you may have to consider getting your garage doors replaced Belfast.

Types of garage door locks


A highly secure way of keeping you’re your garage door impenetrable is by using concrete anchors. Concrete anchors are mounted inside your garage and are drilled into the ground; therefore, no burglar or thief can manipulate them. Get a quality garage security bolt lock to go with your anchors.

Aluminum Deadbolt Lock

If your garage door has locking cores, a deadbolt lock is a perfect option for you. There is a solid tumbler in the chief cylinder lock of the deadbolt lock. It is a better and more reliable option than steel or wooden locks. Every part of a deadbolt lock is made of metal.

Generally, if you want your garage door locks replaced Belfast, a locksmith in Belfast can help you get it done. You can get in touch with 24 Hour Emergency Locksmith Belfast and we will come around to do a full security evaluation of your garage door lock and then fix whatever needs to be fixed. Apart from replacing your garage door lock, you can take extra security measures by installing security cameras to look over the entrance to your garage. Also make sure you have a strong door, iron window grilles and gate for additional security. An alarm system and CCTV will also help keep your garage and home premises secure.

If you need an evaluation of your garage doors or to get your garage doors replaced Belfast, contact us at 24 Hour Emergency Locksmith Belfast on 07866 522 422. We are highly trusted, reputable and we provide you with the perfect solution to your needs.


All you should know about garage door lock types.

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Tips for Opening Any Locked Door

No matter the type of keys you lost, there is always a way to open your door. Of course, if you lose your keys, your worry goes beyond being locked out; you have to worry about what to do about the keys you lost, but opening your door will be your first move. So, let’s check out some tips for emergency door opening Belfast. We know you can call a locksmith in Belfast, but there are some moves you can make to get your door open. At least when you can get through the lock, then you can worry about other things like replacing the lost keys and other concerns.

Do you have a spare key? Find it.

If you misplace the keys to your home and you are not the owner of the house, then there is a chance that the property manager or landlord will have a spare key to the house. You can ring them up and request for it. But if the home is yours, and you do not have a spare key kept anywhere, then you have to get in touch with a locksmith to help you with emergency door opening Belfast. If you have extra keys kept somewhere, you may not need to contact a locksmith. Just pick up your spare and walk into your home.

Is there another way you can get in?

Most homes are built in a way that they usually have more than one entrance. Your lost keys will only bother you if there is no other way to get into your home other than through the main entrance. To see if there are other entries, you will have to go around your home and check if there is an open window or unlocked perimeter door. But of course, without mincing words, if there is an unlocked window or door, then it means you are forgetful, and that is perhaps why you lost your key. This forgetfulness could also cost you valuables being lost to burglars if a burglar should find out any of the unlocked windows or doors.

All the same, since we are looking at an emergency door opening Belfast here, we will not ask you not to try your luck with other possible open doors. But if none is open, you do not have to force anything open. Don’t try to break windows or doors because you already have a potential key replacement expense on your hands; you do not want to add an expensive window and door repairs to the list.

Find a way around your door.

What this means is to find a way to unlock the door without breaking down the door. You can find a way to reach the other side of your entrance door in a similar way to how you would try to get into a locked car. Find a tool that you can slip through a gap in the door and use the tool to manipulate or pull a thumb-turn on the door. If there is a window close to the door, you can check to see if you are making any headway. However, if you are the security-conscious type of person and you have used a double-sided deadbolt to lock the door, this cannot work.

If there is no gap in your door through which you can slot in a tool to manipulate the lock or perhaps, the type of lock your door has on it cannot be fiddled with, then revisit the alternate entrance tip. Go around your house to see if the other doors or windows can be manipulated. You can use something like a metal cloth hanger to do this, but you have to make sure it is not too flexible so you can have the needed torque to pull at the thumb-turns on the door lock. If, by now you haven’t made any headway, move to the next tip.

locksmiths belfast

Get in touch with a professional

If you have applied all these tips to open your house door and you have met with no success, then your next move should be to call a professional with expertise in emergency door opening Belfast. 24-hour Belfast Locksmith is a capable hand to call on if you are in this situation.

For any issues bordering around lost keys, a locksmith is the most effective and fastest way to have them resolved. A locksmith can get around any lock and protection that you have put up in your home. Even if your security measures are state-of-the-art, a locksmith will bypass every one of those measures in an emergency door opening Belfast. The truth is, a locksmith will not come over with a key to open your lock. They will most likely destroy your lock but having a locksmith destroy your lock is way better than doing it yourself as you may end up doing more damage than necessary. If they destroy anything at all, they will replace and repair it. They will also come with the required tools like lock keys and bump keys to open the door. All of these will further make sure you do not end up spending a lot of money to gain access into your house.

Problems that can arise from losing your keys

When trying to open your locked door which you have misplaced or locked its key, applying too much force to open it can damage the lock, the lock mechanism or the door entirely.

While trying to find a way around your door lock, you may not find something rigid enough that can go through a gap in the door to manipulate the door’s thumb-turn. Your door may not even have a gap to slide anything through.

Taking measures meant to be taken by a professional by yourself could mean you are jeopardizing your home’s security with your own hands.

For a professional locksmith that can help with emergency door Belfast, contact 24-hour Belfast Locksmith on 078 6652 2422.


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All you need to know about UPVC Keys and Locks

Having door locks to keep your home secure keeps your mind at rest. So, when you start having issues with your uPVC lock barrel, there is a genuine cause for concern. The good thing about this is that you can easily change your uPVC door lock barrel by following some simple methods. Although, if you would not like to bother yourself with the complexities involved, getting a uPVC keys specialist Belfast is the way to go. But still, continue reading this article to have a broad idea about what you can do about this problem.

emergency locksmiths belfast

Most uPVC doors are equipped with a strip lock or multi-point lock and a single “euro cylinder” to keep the door secure. After the door has been used for some time, you may realize that the door lock mechanism has started sticking or has broken completely. You have to service your multi-point lock at a point for some reasons. Some of the reasons can also break your lock cylinder; they include;

Your door is resting entirely on its hinges which makes the bolts and the locking hooks on the side of the lock unable to fit into the frame’s keeps.

When you try to force a drooping door’s hooks into the keeps, it will damage the door further.

The lock will fail over time if you keep trying to force the door to lock. You can damage the spindle and lock cam in the process.

So, if your door lock is broken or is seizing up, you can have the lock replaced by yourself without too much difficulty. Changing a euro-cylinder can be done with the simplest tools and within a short time. Some of the tools you need include a screwdriver, marker pen, ruler or measuring tape and the replacement lock. It will also take you somewhere around 30 minutes to get it done.

Steps to fix your broken UPVC door lock

If all you have to change is the euro-cylinder in your UPVC door lock, it is an easy job. But if the entire locking mechanism is broken, the task becomes more complex, and you might have to contact a UPVC lock specialist Belfast. If you do not know what the size of your lock is, you can take your existing lock to a UPVC keys specialist Belfast to get another lock. The perfect lock should not protrude away from the door. It should fit into the door perfectly with little or no protrusion. To get the measurement of your lock, you have to loosen the retaining bolt on the door’s side. After you have removed this bolt, insert your key into the lock and turn it to release the cylinder. You may have to wiggle the key a bit to get the right spot. Once the cylinder gives, you should have no problems removing the lock.

Insert the new lock and see if it fits properly. Since you already confirmed the size by taking it to a UPVC specialist in Belfast, this will be fixed in a short time. Line up the lock by inserting the key into the barrel and turning it to get the bolt out halfway. Once the bolt is out, the lock will be forced into its right position so you can line the screw with the hole and tighten the screw.

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Some common UPVC door lock problems to look out for

Stiff handle or door refusing to lock properly

This usually happens when your door is not aligned correctly. It can be as a result of effects of temperature which leads to contracting and swelling of your UPVC door. Another reason could be general wear and tear which results from constant slamming or hanging on the door. By, adjusting the hinges, this can be resolved. Doing this will re-align the keeps in the door frame and will set the locks rightly. The problem of your UPVC door not locking properly can also be caused by having debris in the door frame which hinders the door from shutting completely. Cleaning of debris and removal of stones from the door frame can help at times.

Door locks from only one side

If your UPVC door locks from one side of the door and you are unable to turn the key fully from the other side, then there is a problem with your lock barrel. The central cam of the lock cylinder is out of alignment, and you will need to replace the lock barrel. Worn out keys mostly cause this. A UPVC keys specialist can help you with a cylinder replacement.

The door handle is spinning continuously

This happens when you refuse to adjust your stiff UPVC door and continue to force the handle. Forcing the handle strains the internal parts of your door and these parts will come apart sooner or later. If the door handle continuously spins, the spindle in the lock back box is most likely broken, and you may need to replace the back box or the whole lock unit. Get in touch with a UPVC keys specialist to help you open your door and get the new parts. The new parts can be quite expensive. Therefore, it is better you address any problems you notice as early as possible.

Locked out

If you have misplaced your keys and you are unable to unlock your door, do not try to force the door open yourself. You can damage the door in the process. Contact a UPVC keys specialist Belfast such as 24-hour emergency locksmith Belfast to help you cleanly open your door without damaging the lock. After you open the door, you can then remove the lock cylinder and get a replacement.

Dealing with UPVC door problems can be easy if you notice the issues early enough and fix them immediately. But if you leave them unattended to, it can cause damages that will be more expensive to fix. If you have any issues with your UPVC lock, contact 24-hour emergency locksmith Belfast, a UPVC keys specialist Belfast that you can count on.

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Lock problems that you should never ignore.

There are times that your door or window requires attention which you must not ignore. Some of these problems can be fixed with a lock repair Belfast while some if left unattended can deteriorate into something more serious. So, how do you keep your door lock in the best condition to withstand any security threat? Find out some of those problems and how to deal with them.

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Loose door knobs, handles, and locks.

A door lock has a lot of moving parts as well as several components holding the lock together. Every one of these components is vital for the smooth-working of the lock, and if one of them develops a fault, the entire lock will not function the way it is supposed to. Door locks get loose with time after a long period of us, especially exterior doors that are used the most on a daily basis. When talking about door lock problems, most people do not consider loose door locks as something to take seriously. But until they experience a house or office lockout where they are unable to unlock their door, then they will take it more seriously.

Most home break-ins are done forcibly, and loose locks make the job of a burglar easier. Door locks are easily noticeable, as you surely will notice that there is something wrong with your door lock while using it. It could be that a screw is loose or a component is missing. If you leave it unchecked, breaking open, the door will be easy, and it can as well make it difficult for you to gain access through the door.


How to fix this?

Sometimes, the solution to problems like this is usually Do-it-Yourself, and all you need is a screwdriver to tighten the right screws. In some cases, the connecting screws may be broken, and you will need to remove the lock and open it. If you do not want to bother with all the complexity, contact a locksmith that offers lock repair Belfast to check it out for you.

Misaligned Door Locks

This is when your door locks are not installed properly or when doors and door frames are warping as a result of a change in climate. A misaligned door lock is easy to notice because it will be difficult to operate the door as you should. This leaves the door vulnerable and makes it easy to break into. A misaligned door can worsen your door’s locking mechanism as it can put more pressure on the locking latch or bolt every time you try to close the door forcibly.

How to fix this problem?

A misaligned door can be fixed with some DIY steps but to avoid further damage to your lock, getting a locksmith who specializes in lock repair Belfast is a much better option.

Broken Key inside the lock

Imagine trying to open your door, and you turn the key in the lock. You make the first turn and while making the second urn, the key breaks. The feeling is indescribable as you would feel as though the world is crashing around you. But there is some hope as long you go about it carefully. A broken key in a lock can lead to further problems if care is not taken or if you try to extract the broken key the wrong way. Chances are you have no clue about how to deal with issues like this. Why not just put a call through to a locksmith who does lock repair Belfast to help with this problem. It is much better than damaging the lock further or even completely.

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What does it cost to change locks? Things to Consider.

Thinking of doing a lock change Belfast? This thought comes with a lot of questions; the most important which is how much lock change Belfast costs. Chances are you have tried to have an idea of how much it would cost to have your locks changed and have met with no success. We will try to explore this topic and give you a rough idea of how much you will likely spend to change your locks in Belfast.

24 Hours Emergency Locksmiths Belfast

Changing your locks from time to time is important, and all homeowners should pay utmost attention to this part of home maintenance. If you have used the same locks for the past ten years, you should consider changing it as it is only a matter of time before the lock breaks down. If you maintain a strict lock maintenance schedule, you will be able to have full control over how safe your home is. And sometimes, even new locks may need to be changed if you lose your keys or a home break-in. However, you must consider some things before looking for how to change your locks. If your lock gets damaged as a result of say, a break-in, and you want to call in a locksmith to repair it for you. It is a better idea if you upgrade the lock to a much better one. But if you lose your key, rekeying the lock is a much preferable option to save you some money. So, the point is you need to know what service you need before you go about looking for the cost of lock change Belfast.

So, what are the things you need to do and what is involved during a lock change Belfast?

How will the locks be changed?

This is the primary determinant of what changing your lock will cost, and by cost, we do not mean just money; the time it will take, level of expertise and security the lock change will require. You can contact a locksmith to give you the process and cost implication, or you go the Do-It-Yourself route. But to avoid any errors and to have maximum confidence in the locks, it is better to have a locksmith to help you do the lock change. Doing it yourself may cost between $10 and $200, and it may take a lot of time to get good locks and install them. As much as most people think Do-It-Yourself is usually cheaper than giving the contract to a professional locksmith, Do-It-Yourself might even cost you more in terms of money, effort and time if you do not have perfect mastery of changing locks by yourself.

If you choose to have a professional locksmith to change the locks for you, the cost of lock change Belfast is usually determined by some factors. First of all, do you already have the replacement lock or the locksmith will have to provide one? Will changes be made to your door frame to accommodate the new lock? Will the replacement be the same model as the previous one or is it an upgrade? Although, hiring a locksmith may cost more, but you will save on a lot of other things, most importantly your time. The time you will spend trying to change your locks will be about double or triple the time a professional locksmith will spend doing the same thing. You will have to find the right and good locks first, read instruction manuals on how to install the locks and then look for the right tools. A locksmith skips these steps since they are more experienced in this field.

Lock change Belfast starts from $35 when using a locksmith, and the final price will be dependent on how many locks you want to change, how complex the installation is and whether you have the replacement locks already, or the locksmith will have to provide the lock. The base price is usually inclusive of the charge for answering a service call.

What is the worth of your security?

When changing locks, it is what you pay for that you get. Although this doesn’t mean the most expensive locks are the best locks, the best locks are usually pricey. Deadbolts, for instance, have grades, and in most cases, a grade 1 deadbolt will be more expensive than a Grade 2 or Grade 3 deadbolt. So, how much value you place on your security is a huge factor when choosing a lock. If you need something to lock your door, you won’t spend much time trying to ascertain how secure the lock is. You will likely purchase the first lock you see. But if you are security conscious and you want your lock to be impenetrable, you would take your time to pick the best lock and not mind how much you would have to spend to purchase it.

Is your lock change Belfast for interior or exterior locks?

Interior locks are different from exterior locks as they serve different purposes. Interior locks cannot be used for exterior use because exterior locks are usually stronger and more secure. You have to be clear on which part of your home you want to change its lock so that the locksmith can get the appropriate lock and give you the right cost estimate for it.

Are you just replacing or upgrading?

Lock change Belfast can be one of changing the locks to the same model or changing to a better and more improved model, or in some instances, a downgrade. This will be factored into the cost of replacing the lock. You can choose to get a high-security lock or go for a smart lock upgrade. These upgrades have varying prices which you need to discuss with your locksmith to know which you will be able to afford. A lock upgrade will cost more than a simple lock replacement.


The cost of lock change Belfast is not fixed, and you need a professional locksmith in Belfast to give you an accurate cost estimate so you will know what to prepare for. For a professional locksmith for your lock change Belfast, call 07866 522422 to get started.

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4 Emergency Situations in Which You Will Have to call a 24-Hour Emergency Locksmith Belfast

24-hour Emergency Locksmith Belfast exists for one reason; to be available all through the day to help you deal with any emergency you might have with your locks. Usually, for most people, they never know the importance of a professional 24-hour Emergency Locksmith Belfast until they have problems with their locks and require emergency professional expertise.


So, in what situations would you require the services of an emergency Locksmith Belfast? Let’s get to it.

  1. Are you locked out of your home?

It sometimes happens that you’ll go out and misplace your keys or even go out and lock your keys in the house. This can be frustrating and can very well ruin your whole day, but there is a remedy. If you have not kept a spare key with a family or friend, don’t try to break into your home yourself. Call a 24-hour emergency Locksmith Belfast for help.

You can have an emergency locksmith Belfast over at your house in less than an hour. You, however, should not attempt to break the door open by yourself lest you damage the door or lock and incur further expenses to fix them.

  1. Your house was burgled or broken into.

Imagine going back to your house, your haven, and then you realize that burglars have broken in and carted away with your valuables. It sucks, right? It leaves you sad and completely unsafe. What this means is that all the while, you were never safe in your house. But you cannot continue to sulk for long; you have to do something about it so you can take back the security and control of your home. A 24-hour emergency locksmith Belfast is your best bet to help you repair the damage as quickly as possible.

You will most likely want to sleep in the house or go out or even replace the things that were stolen. So you need to get a locksmith that can come over within a short time.

  1. You misplaced your keys.

In the case of a key misplacement, it may be that you lost the keys or left it somewhere or somebody stole them. Whichever case it is, what you should be planning immediately is how to replace the lock and keys. You shouldn’t take any chances. This will also keep your mind at rest that your keys that got lost cannot be used for anything. A 24-hour emergency locksmith Belfast can show up immediately to help you with the lock replacement.

  1. You are unable to lock your door.

Imagine it’s the first day of the week, and you are in a hurry to leave home for work and drop your children at school. You try to lock your door, and it refuses to lock. This can frustrate you, and it only happens because of some reasons such as the key being unable to turn because it is stuck or you forced the key to turn, and it broke inside the lock. This can almost ruin your morning, but you can call a 24-hour emergency locksmith Belfast to come and check it out for you before it causes further damage.

There are quite a lot of more issues that you might need a locksmith for, but these are more urgent reasons and a 24-hour emergency locksmith Belfast would make the best option here. Emergency situations are most times unprepared for, and you need to have an experienced, professional and expert locksmith at your beck and call. How do you make sure the 24-hour emergency locksmith Belfast that you want to call is credible and can do the job?

Let’s find out how.

We live in a digital age, and you can easily find information about any business on the internet. It is an excellent place to find the best 24-hour emergency locksmiths in Belfast, but, how do you identify the best?

  • Are they licensed, accredited and certified?

You do not want just a random handyman to come fiddle with your locks on which the security of your home is hinged on. You want to make sure they are duly licensed and certified to practice in Belfast. This information is usually on the website of the locksmith company and can be verified with the certifying authorities.

  • Do they participate in the industry?

Apart from the required certifications and licenses, you need to check if your chosen 24-hour emergency locksmith Belfast is well grounded and versed in the security industry. A professional locksmith should be actively involved in the latest happenings in the security and locks business by keeping people educated and informed.

  • What are their reviews like?

By going on the internet, you will find a lot of reviews from other people who have used the service of that locksmith. Check different sources and try to make sure the reviews are genuine. One way to do this is by checking the profiles of the people who posted the reviews; check if their profiles are active and if the review is a genuine review of the service rendered.

  • Go through their website.

Since you are searching the internet, you can check how great your locksmith is by going through their website. A website should contain all the information available about the locksmith and not just little details on them. The website should be customized and professional.

  • How experienced are they?

How much experience a locksmith has is an important factor to consider when choosing a 24-hour emergency locksmith Belfast. How long have they been working in Belfast? For instance, Mark from Belfast has been in business for more than two decades.

Choosing a 24-hour Emergency Locksmith Belfast is quite easy as you can quickly go through information about them on the internet. If you, however, need an emergency locksmith in Belfast, you can call 078 852 2422 to get connected to a 24-hour emergency locksmith Belfast who will come and fix whatever the problem is for you.


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4 Emergency Situations in Which You Will Have to call a 24-Hour Emergency Locksmith Belfast

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