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24 Hour Emergency Locksmith Services in Belfast

Emergency Locksmith offer 24-hour mobile lock and key services. If you suddenly find yourself in a predicament you cannot solve or you need immediate help, contact Mark. He is an experienced, professional and friendly person who will assist you to solve your locked out problem. He is committed to quickly addressing the issue at hand no matter how sophisticated or elusive the solution may be. 

All you have to do is give us a chance and you will see why so many previous customers have relied on us for their emergency locksmith needs. The company values include being well-trained, highly skilled and experienced in a variety of lock technologies. 

Finding a skilfull locksmith may turn into a complicated matter for you as you attempt to sort through all the adverts and offers. How to know which company will actually do good work in a timely manner is sometimes like trying to understand a Google algorithm! Just when you think you know everybody in the business, a new sheriff will appear in the locksmith community declaring they are the best. Don’t trust these “fly-by-night” companies that are after a quick buck. Rely on tried and trusted companies and more specifically people who know what they are doing. has been around for several years and we know what we are doing!

The level of training present in this company allows the provision of excellent service and the ability to perform well with several different lock technologies. Finding the right and affordable company may be challenging, but relying on Mark will render the correct price for the correct service/product. 

The company takes your phone call seriously and will apply a sense of urgency to get you back on track. When you decide to reach out to us for help with your emergency lock or key issue, a locksmith will be immediately dispatched to your location. That same locksmith will arrive with all the required equipment and tools to get the job done. 

Give us a call! We can offer you a complimentary phone consultation regarding your needs. Time and experience has taught us that we can give an excellent degree of guaranteed satisfaction. 

Residential Locksmith


 When it comes to your dwelling, that is to say the place where you do most of your living, you don’t want to settle for anything but the best. We are your best choice for businesses and residential locksmithing in Nothern Ireland. We are available 7 days a week and 24 hrs per day. We will be here when the other guys are snoozing!

For a lockout or other issue at your home, we can guarantee we will come immediately so you don’t have to wait. And, to be professional in this kind of residential cirsumstance means we will arrive with all the necessary tools and equipment. To unlock a lock requires the correct keying mechanism. We have been doing this for years and we know how to get you back inside your house. You might even be moving into a new home requiring everything to be rekeyed. It may be that your mailbox needs a new lock or you might just need a few spare keys to keep around in case you need them. will always provide the best solution to your particular situation. 

Automotive Locksmith  

Automotive Locksmith  

 If you drive a car, truck, SUV or any other type of vehicle around Belfast, you should make yourself familiar with us. We are a handy company to know as statistical research indicates that most folks will lock themselves out of their car at least three(3) times during their lives. Many people will do this more times and the number of lockouts is directly proportional to the level of stress in our daily lives. 21st century people have many things to do and locking themselves out of a car appears to be a byproduct of the vast number of tasks that have to get done in any given day. 

When you turn to our company for your lockout situation, you will be able to get back on your way in no time at all. Mark is highly skilled and effective with a variety of lock technologies. He will quickly dispatch himself to your emergency situation and resolve the issue quickly. 

You see, we have learned one of the secrets to success in this business. It really is quite simple. We understand that when people have a lockout event, they are under stress. They may feel confused, angry, or even sad. We know we have to give our customers what they want and need for us to remain successful. The only thing that brings customers back in the future, is their experience of your company when they needed help. We seek to bring a lasting and quick solution to your being locked out of your car. 

Along with these fast and efficient services, it should please you to know we are affordable. Our prices are competitive and well below the national average for such a service. 

Should you find yourself in the unfortunate circumstance of being locked out of your automobile, get in touch with any time of day. We are available whenever you may need us. 

Commercial Locksmith

 Owning a commercial business can be a daunting experience. There are a great many things to think about and get done on any day. Being concerned about break ins or possibly an insurance premium going up is something better left to the locksmith professionals. Our service and years of experience can give you peace of mind and provide you with the necessary security to feel like everything is sorted.    

There are a variety of security features that can be installed in and around your commercial business. We can help protect your business investment by providing you the security features and details to avoid an intrusion from a thief. Without adequate business insurance and without security features to help, it is entirely possible a businesss will have to close after a significant break in. Do yourself a favor and contact us to see how we can protect your business. 

If you would like to learn more about how we can help keep you in business, get you back into your car, open your front door, or get you a spare key, contact and we will get you back to normal and on with your day. 

We offer complimentary, no-obligation, consultations along with our service guarantee.


24 Hour Emergency Locksmith Services in Belfast

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4 Emergency Situations in Which You Will Have to call a 24-Hour Emergency Locksmith Belfast

24-hour Emergency Locksmith Belfast exists for one reason; to be available all through the day to help you deal with any emergency you might have with your locks. Usually, for most people, they never know the importance of a professional 24-hour Emergency Locksmith Belfast until they have problems with their locks and require emergency professional expertise.


So, in what situations would you require the services of an emergency Locksmith Belfast? Let’s get to it.

  1. Are you locked out of your home?

It sometimes happens that you’ll go out and misplace your keys or even go out and lock your keys in the house. This can be frustrating and can very well ruin your whole day, but there is a remedy. If you have not kept a spare key with a family or friend, don’t try to break into your home yourself. Call a 24-hour emergency Locksmith Belfast for help.

You can have an emergency locksmith Belfast over at your house in less than an hour. You, however, should not attempt to break the door open by yourself lest you damage the door or lock and incur further expenses to fix them.

  1. Your house was burgled or broken into.

Imagine going back to your house, your haven, and then you realize that burglars have broken in and carted away with your valuables. It sucks, right? It leaves you sad and completely unsafe. What this means is that all the while, you were never safe in your house. But you cannot continue to sulk for long; you have to do something about it so you can take back the security and control of your home. A 24-hour emergency locksmith Belfast is your best bet to help you repair the damage as quickly as possible.

You will most likely want to sleep in the house or go out or even replace the things that were stolen. So you need to get a locksmith that can come over within a short time.

  1. You misplaced your keys.

In the case of a key misplacement, it may be that you lost the keys or left it somewhere or somebody stole them. Whichever case it is, what you should be planning immediately is how to replace the lock and keys. You shouldn’t take any chances. This will also keep your mind at rest that your keys that got lost cannot be used for anything. A 24-hour emergency locksmith Belfast can show up immediately to help you with the lock replacement.

  1. You are unable to lock your door.

Imagine it’s the first day of the week, and you are in a hurry to leave home for work and drop your children at school. You try to lock your door, and it refuses to lock. This can frustrate you, and it only happens because of some reasons such as the key being unable to turn because it is stuck or you forced the key to turn, and it broke inside the lock. This can almost ruin your morning, but you can call a 24-hour emergency locksmith Belfast to come and check it out for you before it causes further damage.

There are quite a lot of more issues that you might need a locksmith for, but these are more urgent reasons and a 24-hour emergency locksmith Belfast would make the best option here. Emergency situations are most times unprepared for, and you need to have an experienced, professional and expert locksmith at your beck and call. How do you make sure the 24-hour emergency locksmith Belfast that you want to call is credible and can do the job?

Let’s find out how.

We live in a digital age, and you can easily find information about any business on the internet. It is an excellent place to find the best 24-hour emergency locksmiths in Belfast, but, how do you identify the best?

  • Are they licensed, accredited and certified?

You do not want just a random handyman to come fiddle with your locks on which the security of your home is hinged on. You want to make sure they are duly licensed and certified to practice in Belfast. This information is usually on the website of the locksmith company and can be verified with the certifying authorities.

  • Do they participate in the industry?

Apart from the required certifications and licenses, you need to check if your chosen 24-hour emergency locksmith Belfast is well grounded and versed in the security industry. A professional locksmith should be actively involved in the latest happenings in the security and locks business by keeping people educated and informed.

  • What are their reviews like?

By going on the internet, you will find a lot of reviews from other people who have used the service of that locksmith. Check different sources and try to make sure the reviews are genuine. One way to do this is by checking the profiles of the people who posted the reviews; check if their profiles are active and if the review is a genuine review of the service rendered.

  • Go through their website.

Since you are searching the internet, you can check how great your locksmith is by going through their website. A website should contain all the information available about the locksmith and not just little details on them. The website should be customized and professional.

  • How experienced are they?

How much experience a locksmith has is an important factor to consider when choosing a 24-hour emergency locksmith Belfast. How long have they been working in Belfast? For instance, Mark from Belfast has been in business for more than two decades.

Choosing a 24-hour Emergency Locksmith Belfast is quite easy as you can quickly go through information about them on the internet. If you, however, need an emergency locksmith in Belfast, you can call 078 852 2422 to get connected to a 24-hour emergency locksmith Belfast who will come and fix whatever the problem is for you.


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4 Emergency Situations in Which You Will Have to call a 24-Hour Emergency Locksmith Belfast

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Help I Need A 24 Hour Emergency Locksmith in Belfast, it’s okay you are not the only one, sometimes it happens in a freak moment you walk out the front door of your home and the wind blows it closed behind you.

It’s 2 am and you have no idea what to do,  all you need to do is give us a call and we will come out and get you back inside your property.  The best part is we won’t charge you an arm and a leg for the privilege.

We will cover all areas around Belfast and within a 30-mile radius, if you are looking for an efficient convenient service. Our professional 24-hour Emergency locksmiths, are on standby 24/4 just waiting for your call. If you are in Belfast or even outside Belfast. We will solve your problem and get you back in, we can remove broken keys from your door. Replace lost keys or get you back into your house or vehicle promptly.

We have many years experience fixing locks of all kinds, In fact, we can fix Yale locks, Car Locks and keys replaced, we can fix Chubb locks as well, Listen it really doesn’t matter whether you are in a house, a flat and get locked out.  Or a business owner, we will get you sorted promptly.
All you need to do is either call us or better still fill out our contact form with your details and the type of problem you are having and we will call you right back.
Our 24 Hour Emergency BelfastLocksmith offers you a highly competitive rate and service second to none.

Look at  24 Hour Emergency Locksmiths Belfast no problem is too big, we solve your problems, your job is to pick up the phone or visit our website and fill out our contact us form and let us do the rest. 


Call 24 Hour Emergency Locksmith and Speak Directly to Mark who will help and give you our helpful and friendly advice. Mark has many years of experience and will solve your problem.

At 24 Hour Belfast locksmiths we are here to help you. We solve your problems, so you can go about your day. As normal and give you instant stress relief.

In fact we don’t want you to have to worry about a thing, just give us a call, fill out our form or call us on Facebook messenger 24/7 Our 24 Hour Emergency locksmiths based in Belfast will get your problems fixed as fast as possible, that is what we are here for Click Here To Contact Us Now

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