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  1. AVOID DAMAGING THE LOCK. Whether it’s your car or your house, the worst thing you could possibly do is violently try to force your lock open like an angry, confused bear. The reason you don’t do this is firstly, because it’s useless and secondly, it’ll make the job for whoever has to pick/open the lock a lot harder than it needs to be because by damaging the lock you could make it either more difficult or impossible for it to be opened. If they do somehow manage to get it open, it will likely result in some sort of damage to your car/door/safe etc.


2. KNOW WHO TO CONTACT. If all else fails and you can’t pick locks, your first instinct may be to call the authorities. Sadly, most police officers and firefighters aren’t put under the sort of training that would allow them to assist you without battering the door until it comes down SWAT-style. You should instead contact your nearest locksmith which will likely be able to come to your location. Make sure the locksmith you call is from an official business and is authentic; you don’t know who you may be letting into your home. The locksmith will then come with specialist equipment to make sure that the lock is picked quickly and properly. Some locksmiths charge you for services like this, others don’t. What matters here is that you have access to your house/car again without any collateral damage. 

3. If it’s a house that you’re locked out of, LOOK FOR UNLOCKED WINDOWS. Getting back into your house may be as simple as seeing a window big enough and accessible enough for you to climb through and let yourself in. This saves not only your time (maybe in the freezing cold) but also the time of whatever locksmith or friend you may have to call for help. 

4. DON’T FORGET ALTERNATE POSSIBILITIES. If you can’t find any unlocked windows possibly because you live in an apartment that doesn’t have any accessible, if you have a roommate or a family member who might have a key to help you get in or are just already inside and can open the door. If you live in a house that you pay rent for then call the landlord. They’ll likely have a spare key just in case and if you’re lucky enough to have them in the area at the  time then you may be out of that sticky situation quicker than you think. 

5. IMPROVE YOUR LOCK/SITUATION ACCORDINGLY. Maybe your lock was an off-brand, unreliable lock and the best thing to do for your home is to buy a more durable, reliable lock. Maybe you just made an innocent mistake. For example; you have a door that locks when it’s shut, and you’ve left the keys inside. An easy solution for this problem is to simply have a spare key hidden somewhere outside your house/apartment at all times so you never have to worry again about being in a rush for work and forgetting your house key. 





#These solutions are only for situations that stop you from being able to get inside for several hours. E.g. you’re locked out very late at night and have no one to call who will be up# 

  1. SLEEP IN YOUR CAR. This is something that a lot of people have probably had to do at one point in their life or another and is probably more comfortable than you might expect, especially if you have one of those chairs in your car that goes all the way back. Another thing you could do to improve your comfort would be to have a backup blanket and pillow in your car at all times, just in case of an emergency like this one. (Or if you need a power nap during your lunch break at work.) 

2. ANY FRIENDS WHO ARE MAD ENOUGH TO ALSO BE AWAKE??? It may or may not be a bit awkward asking but if you explain your situation and be polite you may be lucky enough to stay at close friends house for the night until you can call a locksmith (or whoever may have keys) and get back into your home. It’s worth a try because worst case scenario they say no. There’s not much to lose. 

3. SLEEP IN YOUR SHED/GARAGE. Yes, you probably don’t have the proper space or materials to be sleeping your shed or garage but on the off chance that you do it’s certainly better than staying outside in whatever harsh, unforgivable weather there may be that night. Personally, I think that the cars a better option but not everyone has a car so a shed might be your last option. 

4. It may seem a bit over the top but if you’re one of those people who can afford it and need the luxury of it CHECKING INTO A HOTEL might be a good option for you. Maybe even just a B&B. This is probably only worth it if you can find somewhere to stay at an affordable price and maybe have work or something important the next day and need to make sure you have the opportunity to shower, brush your teeth etc. which would only be possible in a  hotel/B&B. 

5. GO ON A WALK. This might sound ridiculous but maybe its 6 or 7 in the morning and the locksmiths open in an hour or 2 so the best thing to do is just wait it out and assuming the weather isn’t miserable then a leisurely stroll is the perfect option for you. Not only just to pass the time, but it’s also good for your health and gets your muscles moving.  

Hopefully you now feel more prepared for when a situation like this may come up at some point in your life whether it’s next week or in 10 years. Remember to always have a backup plan no matter what the situation is.  Whether it’s spare blankets in your car or a spare key under a plant pot. 

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Turning a house into a home starts from the front door. Home security is a present and ongoing concern for homeowners and tenants.

Choosing a front door lock can be a minefield of information. You are spoiled for choice but sometimes you can feel overwhelmed. Here are 10 important things to consider when choosing a front door lock. 


1.Consider Function

Since you are choosing a front door lock the primary use of the lock will be for entry. This means high level of security and daily use, which will require durability. 


2.Consider Grade 

Lock grading varies from 1 to 3, with level 1 being the highest level of security. Naturally this will be the one you might choose for your front door. 

Deadlocks are a typical choice for a front door. A deadlock is a type of steel bolt, that extends into the door into the jamb of the door and strike plate of a door frame. To ensure a proper function the bolt must extend fully into the hole on the door jamb. 

The security benefit of a deadlock is that it can be locked from the outside and the inside.

3.Consider a nightlatch.

A nightlatch is a type of lock which was historically used during the night-time, hence the name “night”-latch. Night latches are commonly very sturdy and durable and are a mechanism which consists of a lock fitted onto the surface of a door and can be opened one of 2 ways. 1 being a key on the outside of the door and the 2nd way is automatic and locks when the door is closed. This can then be further enforced by flicking a switch up or down to prevent the knob from being turned to unlock the door. This switch would normally be turned at night before people went to sleep as it is the most secure way to use this lock.


4.Consider what material is your door

There are 2 common features in a standard door. 1 is that it’s hollow and the 2nd is that it has a molded skin or texture on it. Doors like these will likely be made out of wood and may have glass too if it’s a partially see-through door. Something that’s less obvious may be the strength of the wood that was used for your door. Check this either by simply pressing down into the middle of your door and seeing how easily it bends, if it bends unnaturally easy it’s likely that it’s quite thin and isn’t made out of a very strong wood.


5.Consider what type of door it is 

Linking back to the 4th point, depending on what type of door it is and how strong or durable it is you may want to consider the type of lock you’re using. For example, there’d be no point in spending a ridiculous amount of money for an incredibly secure heavy-duty lock when the door can barely stop a kick. With the same logic in mind there’s also doors that only reach their true potential when paired with a strong lock to make a perfect match and to give the user maximum security.


6.Consider A Rim Cylinder Lock

Commonly used on doors for apartments, rim cylinder locks are usually for front door locks and are also commonly used for emergency safety and panic rooms. The mechanism in this lock consists of a lock in which a cylinder rotates to move a bolt; tumblers are pins; inserting the key lifts and aligns the pins to free the cylinder to rotate. lock – a fastener fitted to a door or drawer to keep it firmly closed. If you have a panic room or just think that this is the lock for you then a rim cylinder is perfect.


7.Consider your budget 

I’m sure you know as well as the next guy that nothing in life as free, locks included. Certain locks compensate with loss or addition of features depending on price. Before deciding on which lock will benefit you most. It’s important to first make sure that the door that you have is durable and will pair well with whatever lock you decide to get. Things to consider would be, the size of the door that you’re getting, the material in which the door is made of, the price the door is, whether or not it’s customizable in a way that benefits you in a positive way and whether or not it looks nice with your home because no matter how safe you may want to be, no one likes an ugly front door. Now to help you figure out which lock you want would probably depend on the area that you live in (how rough it is, crime rate etc.) I personally think a nightlatch is the perfect front door lock as it has the versatility of being a very welcoming door as you can have it set to be permanently unlocked but then it also has the potential of putting your house under full lockdown.


  1. Consider strengthening your door frame and hinges


It is worth remembering , that hollow doors will give away possibly before the lock itself. Regardless of what type of lock you choose to install remember to use a heavy metal strike plate and install it properly. Your other option is to insert 3 inch screws into your existing strike box.


The hinges should be secured with at least 3 inch screws. This will ensure your front door itself is strongly attached to the wall and it will prevent easy unwanted access. 



The unfortunate reality is that nearly 70% of all bulgrals gain access through the front door. Choosing the best lock for the front door of your home is an important decision. Keep this in mind when shopping. Obviously there’s also a back door so there’s no harm in doing some research into finding one of those that you like too and If I’m going to be real with you, if someone really wants to break into your house, they’ll find a way. Life’s short so pick a nice door and lock that makes you happy.


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A locksmith is a person who saves our day whenever we have a lockout emergency. Anybody can have a bad day. For instance, if you lose your house keys inside the house and you do not have the spare keys with you, you can be in so much trouble. But, the locksmith always saves the day in such situations.

There are two types of locksmiths. Regular locksmiths and the emergency locksmiths. Regular locksmiths car be hired for a short time and only when you need him and that too, in the daylight. Regular locksmiths do not work at night. What if you forget your keys at the office and it is late at night. You won’t have any other option other than calling the locksmith. But, the regular locksmiths do not offer their lock services at night.

Due to similar emergencies like this, we have emergency locksmiths. Emergency locksmiths are those people whom you hire for 24/7. Mishaps do not have a fixed time to happen. They can happen at any hour. That is why it is always important to hire an emergency locksmith.

Who knows you lose your house keys or cannot open the door at midnight. Instead of checking in the hotel, you can just call your emergency locksmith to help you with your problem.

Emergency locksmiths provide you with quick and responsive services. They do not delay like the regular locksmiths. Instead, they are more professional and can tackle the situation better than you. They have the right and the latest equipment and stuff with them throughout the whole day. They can easily offer you their technical knowledge and experience to put you out of an emergency.

Recently, I moved to Belfast, and one day, I got stuck at my office and that’s how I came to know through my friend that there are 24-hour emergency locksmiths in Belfast. Not just Belfast, but across the globe. However, the 24 hour Belfast locksmith services are phenomenal. I got out of my office in just half an hour and it was a relief. Since then, I hire the 24-hour emergency locksmith because I cannot take risks when it comes to getting stuck or losing your hour or car keys.

There are many reasons why you should hire 24-hour emergency locksmiths. Some of them are:



Getting locked out of your car, home or office is an alarming situation. Anything can happen, especially at night. If you get stuck during the daylight, it is pretty easy to tackle the situation and to get out my calling your friend or a family member. But, if its dark and late at night, then getting locked out of your office, home or car can prove to be dangerous for you. You never know what can happen and what if no one picks up your call?

You have to be careful, prepared and alarmed in every situation. You must always stay in contact with the 24-hour emergency locksmith in Belfast to seek help and the lock services, even at night. 24 hour Belfast locksmith services can assist you in any kind of an emergency. Whether you are stuck at your office, home or in your car, 24 hour Belfast locksmith services can get you out of any emergency even if it is 2 am in the morning.


Losing your keys is one of the most frustrating situations and the fact is, you realize it too late that you have lost your keys. There are many reasons for losing your keys. First of all, the keys can get stolen. Or, you can misplace them or forget where you kept them. Whatever the situation, you have a risk of losing your valuable assets if your keys go missing. If your car keys go missing, there’s a high chance of your car getting stolen. You have to have quick and responsive locksmith services to get you a duplicate pair of keys.

You can call the 24-hour emergency locksmith in Belfast to restore or replicate your keys to minimize the risk and to safeguard your valuable assets.  24 hour Belfast locksmith provides a quick solution if your keys are lost. They have the advanced tools to open your car door or the house door in case you do not have any spare keys. While the regular locksmiths delay the process, the emergency locksmiths can get you out of a lockout in no time.


Keys are made up a material that can tear and wear. That is why we should not just rely on a single key.  It is a frustrating and irritating situation if cupboard drawer or your office drawer does not open, especially when its past the office hours. This situation can get you in trouble as the drawers might have important documents or valuable assets that belong to you.

In this situation, it is better to hire an emergency locksmith to help with your drawer. 24-hour emergency locksmiths have the knowledge to tackle every problem related to locks.


Who does not love going on extended vacations? But, what happens if you come back and find valuable assets and liquid cash missing from your home. Probably some thief took it while you were enjoying.

To avoid this situation, it is better to hire an emergency locksmith to check all your door locks, cupboard locks, drawer locks, and safe locks before you leave. Better late than sorry. 24 hour Belfast locksmiths do not only provide assistance during a lockout but also assist you in double-checking your locks.


By witnessing a road rage, the first thing you should do is call 911 or the local emergency helpline and should help the people right away. What if you find out that the person is alive but the vehicle door is jammed and the person would die out of suffocation.

This situation can probably fall on anyone. That is why it is better to call a 24-hour emergency locksmith in Belfast to save people stuck in the ruined or damaged car.


  • During a lockout in home, office or in a car.
  • After witnessing road rage.
  • In case of jammed drawer locks
  • Before leaving on an extended vacation trip.
  • When you lose your house or car keys or when your keys get broken.
  • When you do not have a spare set of keys.


24-hour emergency locksmiths prove to be a helping hand when an emergency situation arises. Your keys might get lost without prior notice and you might witness an accident in the woods. In both cases, it is best to hire a 24-hour locksmith to provide the best lock services.



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