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Biometric Locks

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In this 21st century, the advances in technology have entered the world of locksmiths. Locks are no longer just mechanical devices operated by a physical key. No! They are highly sophisticated things that call into play the latest in biometric technology and the science of things.

Locks can now detect a humans walk, their respirations, the makeup of the eye and the final designator that is unique to us all, our fingerprint.

Biometrics heretofore has resided in the military domain with only the elitest few at the top understanding its capacity for identification and the security applications. This field is the technical term for the use of body measurements and the resulting calculations necessary to identify individuals and groups of people.

People involved in biometrics take into consideration several distinctive, calculated and measurable human characteristics that allow them to lable, decribe and authenticate humans. Further, the process of using identifiers is classified into both physiological and behavioral characteristics.

Physiological characteristics include the size of a person’s body, the shape, fingerprint, veins in the palm, facial structure and recognition points, the geometry of the hand, iris and retina recognition and even the odour or scent of a person.

Behavioral characteristics include an understanding of the daily patterns of a given person, their walk/gait, frequency of the voice and even the rhythm of their fingers as they type on the control panel of a lock.

It is important to note that other identification systems such as the use of passports, passwords, a personal identification number or a driver’s license have proven faulty and in need of further sophisticated features that counterfeiters cannot copy. All of these items can be duplicated and passed off as authentic with what are known as token based identification systems. Biometric identifiers are more reliable and cannot as easily be duplicated, thus increasing the security potential of a given lock and location.

The issue that has arisen with biometric data and identifiers is the possible invasion of privacy that could occur. How the information is used is of utmost importance as we increasingly live in a world of technology that seems to every day drive us toward “group think” as opposed to strong individualism.

Biometric Authentication

Biometric locks and their built in authentication methods take into consideration the chemistry, physiology and behavior of human beings. The suitability of each trait for any given lock is built around seven basic domains of understanding. (1)These domains or factors in authentication include the universality of a human trait that all humans possess. (2)Uniqueness is perceived to be different for each human requiring access through the lock at any given point. (3)The concept of human trait permanence is taken into consideration as a trait may change over a period of time. (4)Measurability is viewed as a factor determining the ease by which a trait is measured. (5)Performance is measured and determined in relationship to the speed, accuracy and robustness of the technology being used in the lock. (6)Acceptability is an algorhythm factor that is based on the human populations relative ability to accept the lock-biometric-technology as acceptable. (7)Circumvention is a word describing the ease with which a trait might be imitated thus compromising the lock.

Features to Look for When Purchasing a Biometric Lock

There are a few features you will want to make sure your lock has before laying out some cash. Take a look at each feature and see which ones are important for your application and need.

Live Finger Detection: Fingers can be duplicated using silicon casts. You will want a lock that has technology able to detect a finger that is actually human and alive.

Source of Power: Most biometric locks are powered by the house electrical grid. If the electricity into the house is compromised, then you will not gain entrance. Still other locks are powered by batteries. You will want to have a lock that has multiple power sources and a variety of ways to bypass it and enter.

Multiple Fingerprints: Consider the purchase of a lock that allows you to enter the fingerprints of a good friend or family member. This is in case you are inside your home and having some medical emergency. You may also need the fingerprints of a family member so emergency responders can enter your dwelling should the occasion call for it.

Built-In Alarm: If someone is tampering with the lock, you will want an alarm to sound. In addition, a sound such as a chirp to indicate a successful entrance will let you know if someone else is in your dwelling.

Mechanical Key: A biometric lock is the latest achievement in lock technology, but it can still fail from time to time. You will want to have a practical and mechanical means by which you can activate the locking mechanism in case of catastrophic failure of the algorhythm or changes in biometric data over time.

False Rejection Rate (FRR): You want a lock with a low FRR. No technology can be perfect 100% of the time. So, you want the number of times a particular model has failed to allow access to be low. Lock Construction and Materials: Choose a lock that is strong and made of titanium steel. Check its construction and ensure solid and cohesive strength in all areas.

LCD Display: Locks are known to be plain and without any significant indicators. An LCD display can show things such as access attempts, a readout of how many times access has been granted and time of access. You will also want a lock that will tell you why you have not been granted access, should that happen.

Low Battery Indicator. If you are using an isolated power source for your lock, then you will need to know when the battery may be low. If you let the batteries completely drain out, you will not be able to gain access to your home!

So, choose your biometric lock wisely. There are many from which to choose. But, if you just cannot make a decision, contact us here at We will be glad to assist you.

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You have lost your keys. What an inconvenience. What should you do next? Getting new car keys might not be as easy as getting keys for your house but you can be prepared if you lose your car keys. 

We are based in Belfast and if you need a car locksmith service call Mark on 07866 522422

Here are some things that will be very useful in case of emergency.

First of all establish what type of keys you have. The technology surrounding car keys has evolved significantly in the last 10 years so it is good to know what kind of key you have.

Transponder Key If you have a relatively modern car there is a high possibility that you have a programmed transponder key coupled with a key less entry remote, or that you only have the transponder key. Most cars that were manufactured after the late 90’s come with transponder keys. A transponder key takes the pairing process between a car and a key to a heightened level. 

Key less Entry Remote are commonly referred to as key fobs.  These kinds of keys are constantly communicating with your vehicle and it essentially makes your car much more accessible to you. There are many advantages to having a key less entry remote, but it is hard to see any of them once you have lost your car keys and have no spare. 

Traditional Car Keys   are the old faithful. They have been around for years and they are relatively easy to replace or duplicate. They do not offer much security for your car, but they are the best kind of key to own if you ever lose your key and have no spare.  It is relatively easy for spare car keys and duplicate car keys to be made of these traditional keys.

First things first!

Search your immediate area again. 

Take the time to look for your keys to make sure that you have defiantly misplaced them and the only way to start your car is to ask for help. There is chance that you might have left them somewhere, or they might have fallen from your pocket accidentally. 

Check your vehicle

After you have searched for your car keys and you have established, that they might be lost it’s best to look inside your car. Leaving your keys in the car is the most common reason for people to need a locksmith for their car. 

Gather the necessary vehicle information

Once you have established that your car key is definitely lost you need to make sure you have all the information that the locksmith will require so he can help you. 

Being able to identify that you need a transponder key or a traditional key is only part of the entire process.

You will have to provide your vehicle identification number (VIN), as well as the make, model and year of your vehicle. Most of this information can be found on insurance cards or the car registration document. 

A professional locksmith will be able to help you and assist you further. 

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Fire Proof Safes:

It is possible to protect your most meaningful valuables from fire and water as well. The safes that are made for protection from fire may also be made of materials that prevent water damage. Hard to imagine, but true. They are made from heat resistant materials and also created with water tight sealants that prevent the onslaught of water from the outside. So, you get double for your money when you purchase a fire retardant safe.

Be aware that fire proof safes come with a variety of features that help you secure your personals. They usually come with a combination lock that contain either a 3 or 4 number combination set at the factory. Each door is held shut with 4 large 1-inch bolts that are made of hardened steel. These safes are made with interiors that allow you to protect tablets, phones, hard drives, memory cards, USB drives, CDs, DVDs, and other kinds of media. The hinges used are pry resistant and reinforce the door for added strength. Inside these safes you will find key racks, door trays, door pockets and various adjustable trays for specific items you wish to secure.

Each fire proof safe also comes with a reactive desiccant that can absorb humidity inside the safe.


Wall Safes:

Probably the most iconic safe known to the human race is the wall safe. They have been around for a long time and many homes have made use of their ability to both keep things safe and conceal themselves within the walls of the home.

Wall safes are designed to provide protection and security for documents, money, and other valuables. The depth of the safe in the wall may be adjusted to provide for maximum use of the wall space and compensate for the thickness of the wall.

Home and business owners have hung paintings in front of wall safes. They may also be hidden behind ornamentation and fake construction pieces.


Record Safes:

These safes are designed to protect your most valuable documents, digital media and other things that record things for you and your family. They usually come with a higher tolerance for fire and water damage.

A record safe is evaluated and sold to the public based on the highest temperature it can withstand before its contents will be destroyed. They are rated by the amount of time they will protect contents from natural elements. They are not the most secure of safes made for the market, but they will protect paper, vinyl and other manmade products for longer periods of time than a simple box or wall safe.

A record safe is for just that, important records or documents that you want to keep protected.   These (and other fire resistant safes) are rated by amount of time they will protect the contents from the elements, high temperatures or actual fire.   These are very useful, yet they are potentially more easily broken into than a higher security safe.


Gun Safes:

A gun safe usually holds and protects some kind of firearm and the associated ammunition for that firearm. These safes prevent unauthorized individuals from accesssing the weapon and its ammunition. This will prevent a burglar from also stealing your weapons while engaged in taking other items from your home or business.

Some gun safes can also protect your weapons and ammunition from high intensity fires and extreme flooding of your area. Natuaral disasters do occur and this kind of safe can prevent damage to your high cost weaponry. The law of some areas require access prevention by a gun lock, a metal gun cabinet or a sophisticated gun safe.

In Ireland and according to British Standard BS7558, under Firearms secure accommodation Regulations 2009, all homes owning a firearm must be in possession of a gun safe. If a gun safe is not owned, then it is acceptable to remove the firing mechanism and store it in a secure container. You must store the rest of the weapon by locking it away.


Floor Safes:

These types of safes are also known as “in-floor safes,” and “floor vaults.” It is a type of safe that is embedded into the floor and oftentimes into the concrete foundation. They are versatile safes that can be installed in wood, concrete and have been used in offices, homes, gas stations and various kinds of stores.

Be careful to know the depth of your flooring so you can choose the correct dimensions of your floor safe. The type of flooring you have may also impact the type of floor safe you purchase because the flooring may or may not assist to retard any future fires you may woefully encounter.


Cash Boxes:

These types of boxes are not intentionally designed for secure protection of money, but are rather a depository for temporary storing of paper money and coins. It is simply a metal box container for money with compartments made for coins and bills of different denominations.

Other names for this type of money storage are cash register, box, checkout, money drawer, cash desk, coin box, money box, register, sales register and till. You may have also heard it called a piggy bank, collecting box, savings box, strong box, coffer, safe-deposit box, depository and locker.



Depository Safes:

This kind of safe is always found in a business or location where business transactions occur requiring the use of cash, deposit slips and receipts of various kinds. It is known as a deposit safe and also a drop safe. This is a special purpose safe and comes in handy for high volume sales and business transactions. This safe design will often have many different compartments that can be locked to provide for varying levels of access and control.

Many depository safes are designed with defenses against drill attacks and time delays for after hours access. They come with digital locks that are programmable and anti-drill doors made of reinforced steel. They may arrive with an anti-fish feature which prevents evil-doers from accessing its contents with hooked wires and extendable tools. They will be designed with either three or four locking bolts making it even more difficult to obtain entry to its contents. You may also purchase this device with hardware that will allow you to bolt it to another structure, the floor or steel under-girding structures.


Should you need more information regarding your next purchase of a safe or just exactly how you may be able to protect your most valuable assets, contact us by


Call us at 078 665 22422





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Historical Locksmithing

The profession of locksmithing was originally the art and science of designing and creating locks and various kinds of metal and wood mechanisms. These intricately created marvels of small mechanics could be found in castles, bridges, wagons, gates, cabinets, houses and various kinds of buildings. Locksmiths could “smith” something using wood or metal and eventually were called upon to make keys, files, armor and locks.

History records the first mention of locksmithing originating in Babylon and Ancient Egypt. Wood formed the first locks that used crude tumblers to prevent the door bar from moving. The citizens of that time used something that looked like our modern toothbrush to move pins and tumblers inside locks.

As the 18th century approached, various chemicals, minerals and metals were combined to begin making metal locks and keys. The basic design of locks stayed the same. Just the materials from which they were made changed. As the industrial revolution came into fruition, mass production facilities required locksmiths to step up their game and produce more sophisticated locks to protect property and people.

Locksmiths today may be found in various subcategories of the career field. There are locksmiths who only work in the automobile industry who focus on working with locks as a security consultant. Others work for security companies that need them to create even more intricately designed locks and security mechanisms. Investigational organizations such as intelligence agencies employ locksmiths to work in various forensic applications. From their shops across the world, locksmiths continue to hone their craft and introduce new ways to protect life and property.

Other Services

A locksmith carries with them a great deal of history related to locks, keys and historical design. However, there are other things locksmiths do that are not often talked about commonly. The general public is not often aware of these less known skills and services.

Safe Verification

It is a good idea to work with a locksmith you know and trust before purchasing a safe. This locksmith can advise you regarding which safe you should purchase and where or how you should have it in your home or business. A skilled locksmith can also help you sort through the myriad of advertising gimics used these days to get you to buy something that may not be worth a “tinker’s damn.”

People, to this day still like finding old safes and treasure chests. The age old wish for “striking it rich” still takes us over when we make a find like this. A locksmith is the one person in town who should be able to get into an old safe and show you if you are the next millionaire.

Locksmiths Come Behind and Check Work

You must have a trusted locksmith in the industry. You need someone who will check another locksmith’s work to ensure it is done correctly. Having this kind of professional relationship will prevent your being scammed and taken advantage of in the marketplace.

Locksmiths who are reputable tells us that they run into a variety of shabbily down things in the industry. One of the situations that may happen is the incorrect installation of a dead bolt. The problem centralizes around the security plate and the screws used to attach it. The bolt should be a full one inch and have an adequate “throw” into the door, window or cabinetry. If these bolts are not installed correctly the door will not be protected and keys may break off in the structure.

Another place locksmiths find themselves working is the automotive industry. Manufacturers of vehicles sell the security feature of what they advertise as a key mechanism that cannot be duplicated. But, in very truth many of these keys and electronic opening systems can be duplicated by imitating the radio frequencies involved. A locksmith trained in this area can in fact provide you a locking mechanism that cannot be duplicated.

Dealing With Electronics

Locksmiths have had to move straight into the digital age of the 21st century. Computers, cell phones, car jobs and key location devices are now common. The technological advances have required locksmiths to upgrade their tools and procedures. Locksmiths have been installing “smart locks” for several years now.

Doors can be secured these days with an electronic pad that requires the owner to know a pin code or have a keycard. The average locksmith driving around the city must have an extensive inventory of electronic locks and the resulting security tools needed to both install and open them.

They Secure Windows

People often just think of securing their doors to prevent entry and theft. But, did you know you can call upon your local locksmith to “batten down the hatches” so to speak?

Windows are usually made of glass. So, securing them is imporant to prevent the evil doers from gaining entry. Not many know that a locksmith can protect that glass by installing a security screen or some other kind of cover that will prevent breaking the window.

Mr. and Mrs. John Q Public are not often aware that locksmiths can install window locks precisely designed for that location in a structure. Window locks are designed with double bolt locks or double cylinder locks that require a key from the inside of the structure. So, the combination of a window cover combined with a lock that can only be unlocked from the inside is a “one/two punch” to any would be intruder.

Locksmith Wisdom

Good locksmiths do things like sit around and exchange ideas and stories with other locksmiths. They join professional organizations for fellowship with like minded people but also to find solutions to problems. Its that old adage, “Two heads are better than one” at work here.

They then share this wisdom with their clients. They can offer free advice to home and business owners that will reduce theft and reduce the cost of security for a family.

Feel free to ask locksmiths questions. They like giving anwers.

At we like doing many things related to locksmithing. Answering your questions is one of those small joys that keeps our career interesting. If you require locksmithing services of any kind or just have a question that demands an answer, contact Mark at


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Some People Are Not What They Seam to Be

Most everyone thinks they are doing the right thing by looking online and searching for a local locksmith. I mean, if Google returns the first page of locksmiths after you place the words “local locksmith” or “locksmiths near me” in the search box, then they must all be reputable, right?


Scammers, nare do wells and people of questionable character are able to make their dubious sites rank just as well as the others. You see, Google is a mathematical algorithm. If somebody is able to please that equation for ranking, then guess what? That locksmith who says they are local and can be at your home in less than 20 minutes may just be somewhere in another country creating ways to separate you from your hard earned money.

In many cases, the authorities have discovered these are not local shops at all. They are run by out of country call centers and they are mostly likely not even trained in the ancient art of locksmithing at all.

To avoid mistakenly hiring an unskilled worker or an expert con man, use this article and take the time to research the company.

Make Sure That Company Is Truly “Local”

The best way to determine if a locksmith is worth his/her salt is to do the research. Call them and ask them detailed questions related to many different aspects of the locksmith career. You have a very basic, but good conceptualized notion of what a locksmith is supposed to do. Work off those assumptions and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Check local websites already set up for the public to show the reviews former customers have left about the locksmith. Are the reviews positive? They don’t all have to be glowing statements of the companies approach to diety, but their needs to be more positive comments than negative.

When you call them, listen to how they answer the phone. Did they say “locksmith services” when they answered? Or, do they sound like a person with a strong dialect from another country. If they do have a strong dialect, don’t hesitate to enquire about how long they have been in the country and where were they before they came to Northern Ireland. If a locksmith will not provide a full company name or provide the business legal name, then you will do well to keep searching. A business name is part of the “public domain” of information and can be found at a local registry of businesses.

If you have the address of the company, then search for that. See if you can find it on MapQuest or Google Maps. It might be that this company is using an address that is registered to someone else. When you call the locksmith, ask them to confirm their address. Engage them in conversation and ask them to guide you to their business address. Listen for local landmarks, buildings, streets, well known businesses. You might even throw in, “Oh, your over there by Maxi’s Deli, right?” (All the while knowing there is no such business.) If they say, yes you know you have a scammer.

If you are dialing an 800 number, you must be even more careful to determine their base of business. In short, make sure local is local.

Locksmith Licensure and ID

When the local locksmith arrives at your home, you are perfectly within your rights to ask him/her for their identification. If they are reputable, they will not mind this small request. You may also ask to see their license from the city to practice their craft.

By the way, a truly ligitimate locksmith will ask you for identification to verify they are working on the home or automobile of the initial caller.

Another way to clearly identify the locksmith is to look carefully at their van, truck or car. Look at the lettering of the business name. Does it match the name of the company you called? Compare the address on their website to the address on the business license and identification offered to you by the locksmith. Are they all the same? Ask about any differences. If the vehicle they are in is unmarked, then all kinds of warning bells should be going off.

Ask For An Estimate of the Work

When you call a 1-800 number, you are most likely going to talk to a call center or at very least an answering service. If the situation is a scam set up, they will quote the price of the job lower over the phone to get you to allow them to send out a locksmith. These prices usually come in around 35-55% lower than the final cost of the job. This is called a bait and switch operation. They will price gouge you when they arrive claiming you didn’t explain the details of the need completely and the job is actually more complicated than the person on the phone reported.

You have to understand that when you ask a locksmith to come to your home or rescue you from the side of the road, you are requiring them to bring their entire shop to your location. They have to leave their shop with everything they may need to do the same job at a location that they would inside their business building. There is a bit of overhead that must be built into the call. The wear and tear on the vehicle, the gasoline required to get there, the time of day and the intricacy of the final work are all factors in the estimate. That locksmith must also pay for ongoing educational opportunities, fees for professional organizations and the purchase of the latest softwares and tools to work with the locks that are being made these days.

In short, get an estimate and don’t work with anybody who won’t provide an upfront estimate of labor and parts cost.

Ask About Any Possible Additional Charges

If you are calling in an emergency situation, you will want to enquire regarding the charge for emergency hours, mileage and whether or not there are any emergency call minimums. Do this before you agree to pay for the work. Emergency, after hours calls can be expensive.

Scammers like to tell you that an additional lock is needed to replace the old one. They will declare it is out of date or possibly had to be damaged during the entrance efforts. They may say the locks were obsolete and there are no more replacements for them. So, an entirely different lock had to be installed.

They may even charge a very high rate for a lock they had to install which is a “high-security” lock. In very truth, it is an inexpensive lock that can be purchased at bulk at some wholesale website somewhere in the world.

If you are in the initial call with the locksmith, ask them about the details of the repair process such as how are they going to gain entrance to your house or car. How much time does something like this normally take? What kind of tools are used to gain entrance? If the service or locksmith you are talking to cannot or will not answer these kinds of questions, then move on to the next locksmith. If they simply will not answer or you sense they are “hedging,” then these are signs they are either completely incompetent and don’t know how to answer you or they are intending to exaggerate the amount of time and labor required for the job.

Bids That Change or Fluctuate

When the locksmith arrives and initially takes a look at the job, he/she is beginning to form an estimate of the time, labor and products necessary to do the job. If the price you are given changes from the amount given over the phone, don’t give the go ahead for the work to begin.

Another thing that will happen with a scammer locksmith is they will demand payment after doing less than perfect work or after exaggerating the bill. They may threaten to call the police or file a lawsuit if you refust to pay.

Do this. Call their bluff. Let them call the authorities or even offer to call for them. Any locksmith company worth their salt will stay with the original quoted price and not inflate a bill. Allow the police to come and work it out after they arrive. Remain calm until they arrive!

Essentially, if someone is bullying you into paying they are the ones who have the most to lose when the police arrive. They are not operating within the law and what they are attempting is not ethical. Let the police work it out.

Don’t Drill the Lock

Locksmiths go through training, take examinations and have to pass the muster of a variety of offices and professional organizations. They are skillful, clever and smart.

Reputable locksmiths are in possession of the skills and tools necessary to open a variety of highly sophisticated modern locks. Because of this, if a scammer locksmith immediately tells you the only way to gain access is to drill the lock open. Then, it is highly likely that are telling a lie.

High Security locks are designed to prevent people from “bumping” or “picking” them open. They require specialized keys to open them. A high security lock will require drilling, but will cost around 320 quid to replace. If a scammer attempts to drill a lock that is not high security, then he/she is just amping up the cost.

Most people who have high security locks know that. They purchased them specifically for their homes to keep their home and loved ones safe.

Here are some helpful questions to ask a locksmith company before hiring them.

What is your address?

How long have you been in business?

Where did you receive your education and experience as a locksmith?

How will you get into my house?

Will it be necessary to drill the locks?

Will you tell me the exact process you will use to get into my car/house/business?

Will you provide a written estimate?

Are there any circumstances that will require you to change the price of the estimate?

What methods of payment do you accept?

What is the name of the person who will be coming to do the work?

IF you think you have been scammed, contact the police immediately. Have your bill in hand and any proof of payment.

I hope this article on how to spot a scammer has been helpful to you.


I’m not a locksmith scammer. I have been a locksmith for several decades serving Northern Ireland with pride and skill.

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Don’t put a key under the mat at your front door and gone are the days when you can just hide a key in your wallet.

It is very important to have a spare key to something. Keys get lost in drawers, closets, the floorboard of cars and the deepest recesses of that old couch over in the corner. It is always a good idea to have a spare key. Maybe not just for you, but in case relatives or friends come over for a few days. If you can trust them with a key, then by all means give them one. For those of you who want to hide a key, then this article is for you.

It is a certain kind of security threat to have a spare key lying around your house. However, if you want to save a visit from the locksmith, having one stowed away somewhere will be a smart thing to do.

A spare key is a great idea but is completely useless if you can’t get to it when you need it. If you place it in an obvious place, then you are defeating the purpose. Putting a key under a doormat or false rock or a plant has been done for many years. So, you have to get a little more creative and industrious than that.

You want to stay away from and resist the urge of placing a key near a front entrance or other common areas of the house.

So, a little bit of thought and some focused creativity will help you hide a key in an area known only to you and those who are privy to the information

Here are some inspired thoughts and locations to place that spare key.

A fake rock is pretty obvious, but have you ever thought about a fake sprinkler? Purchase your fake sprinkler and stick it in the ground with the top exposed. It won’t water your lawn, but it really is only a box that holds your key or keys. This kind of device is affordable and if you already have sprinklers in your yard very doable for key safe keeping.

If you have a house with vinyl siding, then you already have a great place to hide a key. Attach a hook and loop fastener to the key and make your way to the bottom run of siding closest to the ground. The siding will have a curled loop at the very bottom. Place your key and the loop fastener inside this curl of vinyl. You can also attach a small wire such as a paper clip to the key and leave the paper clip sticking out. You want to have enough to grab, but not so much that it is obvious the wire is there.

Do you have trees on your property? What about many trees? Choose a tree that is far away from your house and select the side of the tree facing away from your house. Place a small nail in the tree at a location where the bark is the thickest. Hang the key there and if you can place it so the key dangles within the valleys of the bark ridges, even better.

A neighbor’s house is a great place to hide the key to your house. If somebody finds it and tries to use it on your neighbor’s house, it won’t open anything. Most folks just aren’t clever enough to realize the key is for the house next door.

If you would like to take it a step further, you might actually hide a key down the road in your neighborhood at a friend’s house. Make sure you are in a good friendship with the person down the road and they won’t mind you walking on to their property at some odd hours of the day and night. Losing a key does not adhere to any time schedule, so make sure your friend is ok with you walking around their property at 2am when you arrive home from a social engagement.

You can still use those magnetic, under the bumper key holders. They are good because at least your key is not at your house until you are. Make sure the thing is secure wherever you choose to put it. Also ensure the lid to the device is securely shut and holding fast to the metal surface you choose.

A better alternative to the magnetic box is a lock box on the hitch of your vehicle. This kind of device locks with a combination of digits. Someone would have to drive your vehicle away to get at the key.


Here are some helpful tips for stashing keys around your dwelling.

  • Just don’t be obvious. If you find yourself using a spare key often, then don’t just hide it back where you stored it the first time. Mix it up. Move the key around the property. Just in case somebody has seen it hanging from something or sparkling in the sunlight, they will not see it again if you keep it moving around the land in a variety of locations.
  • Put your key in its hiding place or put it back in its hiding place after the sun goes down. You want to avoid walking out in broad daylight and hiding your key.
  • Use a separate lock and key for a least often used entry way. A side door is the usual choice. Don’t hide away a key to your front door. Use a less often trafficked entry and exit way.
  • If you find yourself constantly losing a key, consider installing a dead bolt with a number pad or a smart lock. Let your cell phone lock and unlock the device.




Happy hiding!


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Should Vs Reality
So, a guy walks into a locksmith shop. He says to the locksmith, “I need a copy made of my car key. It barely works and I need a new one that works better.”
The locksmith looks at him incredulously and says, “You do know, don’t you that we make a copy of whatever you give me?” I can make you a copy of your car key, but it will only work as well as the original you have given me to copy.’
The gentleman stares blankly at the locksmith and says, “No, that’s not true. The copy you make will work as well as my car key did the first day I had it.”
The locksmith, now perceiving he is dealing with a person who is not in possession of his entire mental facility says, “Sir, that would be an accurate statement if the key you were giving me was new. But, it is not.”
The gentleman then asked the locksmith, “Why can’t you make the copy better than the original?”
The locksmith decided to break it down for him a little better. “Sir, enjoined the locksmith, let’s assume that we wanted to make a copy of a document that contained misspelled letters. Do you think the copier would also correct the spelling of words while producing a copy?”
The gentleman declared, “Why, yes. I think it should.”
The locksmith, looking quite bewildered says, “Sir, herein is your lesson for the day. There is a difference between “should” and “reality.” You Sir, have not learned the difference in these two things and I must ask you to leave my shop until you can understand the difference!”


Who are you and how did you get in here? I’m a locksmith and I’m a locksmith. LOL!
What do you call a locksmith with a lisp? Keith.
Why are locksmiths in Japan cooler than the rest of the world’s locksmiths? Because in Japan they are rocksmiths. HeHe!
A locksmith is a key employee. HaHa!

A lawyer was on his cell phone, calling a locksmith.
“I locked my keys in my sports car!” said the nervous lawyer.
“No problem, I should be there in about an hour,” replied the locksmith.
“Do you think you can make it a little sooner?” pleaded the lawyer. “My top is down and its starting to rain.”

Pick-up line for locksmith’s: “Hello lass, is your name Ness? Cause, I’m lovin’ you a loch.”



Wisdom Can Be Expensive

A fine antique collector purchased an old safe at auction. The anticipation of what might be inside was causing general distraction, so he decided to get a locksmith to unlock it.
The locksmith arrived and using every bit of knowledge, skill and tools at his disposal was not able to unlock the safe. The collector paid him his trip fee of 35 pounds and sent him on his way.
Still urgently wanting to see if anything was inside the safe and dreaming of great wealth, the collector contacted a locksmith who had been in business five decades.
An older man with gray hair and wrinkled face showed up. He takes a look at the safe noting the make, model and year. He goes to his truck and returns with a drill, a ruler and a bent piece of metal. He measures around the lock and marks an “x” at exactly the spot he would drill.
After drilling for a solid hour the old locksmith sticks the bent piece of metal through the hole and with no fanfare a small “click” is heard. He turns the handle on the safe and the door opens! To the collectors great dismay, nothing was found inside the safe.
Disappointed but knowing the old locksmith had done his job, the collector asked what the charge would be.
The locksmith declares the sum expected would be 120 pounds. In response, the collector asks him to produce an itemized bill showing the charges.
The elderly locksmith then hands him an itemized bill with the following written:
20 pounds for hole drilling
100 pounds for knowing where to drill.


And here is a blond joke just because they are always funny.
This is the story of the poor blonde flying in a two-seater airplane with just the pilot.
He has a heart attack and dies. She frantically calls a May Day:
“May Day! May Day! Help me! Help me! My pilot had a heart attack and is dead. And I don’t know how to fly. Help me! Please help me!”
All of a sudden she hears a voice over the radio saying:
“This is the tower. I have received your message and I will talk you through it. I’ve had a lot of experience with this kind of problem. Now, just relax. Everything will be fine! Now give me your height and position.”
She says, “I’m 5’4″ and I’m in the front seat.”
“O.K.” says the voice from the tower. “Repeat after me: Our Father. . . Who art in Heaven. . . ..”




Judge: Tell me your occupation.

Prisoner; I’m a locksmith, Your Honour.

Judge: Then what were you doing in a jewellery shop in the middle of the night when the police saw you?

Prisoner; Making a bolt for the door!


Well, here’s hoping you didn’t have too many groans and a few laughs while reading this. We also know that getting locked out or needing a key duplicated or opening your house is not a laughing matter.

If you find yourself in a less than humorous situation, give us a call at
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Inevitably “It” Happens

lost keys

You are a very busy person and you have a great many things to accomplish before the sun sets today. You are a mover and a shaker. If you don’t get these things done, the planets will realign and the gravitational pull of the earth will suspend its work. Well, guess what social climber? You just left your keys somewhere and you can’t get at them.

But, never fear. Some good minds have joined together to help you with your lapses in memory. Key finders may have started with somebody wrapping a string around the middle finger in the middle ages. However, key trackers are numerous these days and can be found offering several different kinds of features. They most often are combined with a technologically advanced smartphone and may even have an app that goes along with it.

The average distance these things will work is around 100 feet. The alarms inside the tracker can reach decibel levels of at least 98. The following are on offer and can serve you well.



An offering that comes in at a cost of around 15 pounds is the Orbit bluetooth tracker. It comes in 12 different colors and has a very sleek design made of aluminum. It will make your phone ring even if it is in silent mode and you can take a selfie with it. It will give you the last GPS location of your item. The battery is replaceable and the app will tell you when to replace it. Battery replacement is easy.






The FindX is compatible with Android and iOS systems and is made by RapidX. It does everything every other locator does and uses the findx tracker app. It also has a remote camera and selfie trigger. The battery life is long and there is an extra battery included in the purchase.






Boldguard Tracking Device


You won’t lose things using this device! It comes with a phone locator and the indicator is a buzz that your phone emits. The Boldguard also uses Bluetooth technology to take pictures with your phone while you are away from it.

The device is small in size and will fit in your wallet or attach easily to your key chain. You may choose between a round or square option. It uses an app that comes with educational, training videos that will train you up in no time.

The price point is around 15 pounds.



At a cost of around 15 pounds, this device also boasts of having one of the longest battery lives available. Reports from consumers indicate battery life to be between 12-18 months. An extra battery is included with the purchase, so new technology may come out before you need new batteries!

The alert on the Njoiii is also a resounding 98 decibels. You can locate anything it is attached to and will help you find your phone also. It uses an app called The Smart iTrackEasy app. You will be alerted if you stray beyond the 30 meter indoors and the 50 meter outdoor parameters. The Njoiii comes with a button that allows you to take pictures remotely. Great for selfies!

One of the cool features of this offering is the Njoiii Community Network and Navigational Guidance feature. If, for whatever reason you cannot locate the Njoiii you can mark it as being “lost.” When it is in this category, other users who have the iTrackEasy app will send you its location when they are within its range. Using Apple or Google maps, your lost item or the Njoiii itself will be found.

AIKO Finder

AIKO Finder

Coming in at a cost of around 40 pounds is the Aiko made by Nonda. This device is rechargeable using a micro USB port built into the token. It will alert you when recharging is required. You can buy this modern marvel in packs of four, packs of two or buy only one, whatever suits your convenience.








Do you like pixie dust? Well, this item uses it to show you where your lost item has landed. An arrow is provided to point in the direction you should search while the pixie dust becomes more concentrated the closer you get to your lost item. The Pixie shows you the distance to the lost item exactly. It will also work when your iPhone is off or has a dead battery. The battery life is good lasting up to 12 months with a one year warranty.







Get four of these for around 14 pounds! This item comes complete with a US trademark and uses bluetooth to find things. It has an effective distance of 25M and when not within this range, it will ring to warn you. It is compatible with Android and iOS. You will be required to download the iSearching app. The app will also inform you where a disconnect may have happened along with locating the device you are tracking. The Xenzy is easy to carry and fits nicely into wallets, luggage, purses, backpacks, cameras, toys, etc. Support explains they are online 24/7 so help is available when you need it.

This tracker can remotely control your phone by accessing the camera and the voice recorder. It takes wide angle shots using front or rear facing cameras. It also provides a last seen pin-drop on a map through the app which will help you find items lost. Handy stuff if you lose your car in the car park!



This sleek device changes the way you interact with the fob or actual locator. This offering does not use your cell phone, but a handheld device. It flashes and beeps at the appropriate times up to 100 ft. away. You will be happy to know this item comes with one transmitter and 6 receivers that you can use.

The radio frequency of this device will go through walls, doors and floors. Sounds will reach 80 dB. It doesn’t consume a great deal of power and can stand a long time by itself without a recharge. It comes with free lifetime technical support and a 12 month full replacement warranty.

TrackR (Pixel and Bravo)


Amazon gives you two different options. The TrackR Pixel gets an edge on the TrackR Bravo as it reaches 90 on the decibel chart. The Bravo only reaches 82. The Pixel also comes in a large variety of colors, if that matters to you.

TrackR features include LED lights that help you in the dark and you can also see where your keys are on a map. A locate feature tells you when your keys have been identified. If the battery is running low, it will notify you and you can even find your phone when it is on silent mode.



With this technology, the product and your device will sound off when you are 30 meters or more from your lost item. This device uses iPhone and Google maps to identify the general position of where you may have lost the item. You may use this product to search for your keys or your phone.

Folks like this item because of its price. As of this publication, the price is an affordable 15 euro. There is also a model that settles in at a quick fiver for cost. Battery life of this device is between 6-8 months and some have reported even longer usage times.

You will also be happy to know that the device comes with an alarm that will sound off when your phone and the device lose connection.

So, there you have it. Some amazing devices that will help you get on with your day of conquering the world and bringing home the bacon.

And if you just happen to get stuck without one of these devices and your locked out OR you lose a set of keys, get in touch with us. I’m Mark and you can find me at


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No knowledge is a waste and you will find this saying especially important when it comes to keeping your home, office or property protected from burglary. You need to learn how burglars and thieves behave so you can save yourself from burglary. Why fix locks after burglary Antrim when you can prevent it from happening? An emergency locksmith can help you in two ways; help you fix locks after burglary Antrim or help you put the appropriate measures in place to prevent a burglary. Burglaries happen frequently and you can avoid being a victim by following some of the tips below.


Always lock up.


No property owner or occupant needs to be told that their doors and windows must be locked at all times whenever they are away from their home. Statistics have shown that about 30 percent of burglary cases were made possible by the negligence of the occupants of a property. It’s either an open window or open door which gave the burglar easy access. If you make the extra efforts to keep all entry points into your property locked, it will make it difficult for any burglar to gain access. Also, make sure how strong your locks are to withstand any form of break-in. Strong locks will make the job of the thief harder, get them frustrated and save you the stress of having to fix locks after burglary Antrim.


Figure out who your burglar may be

In most cases, burglars are people who are familiar with our homes. They are usually people we know but will never suspect to break into our homes. It could be a teenager who lives close to you and knows your daily routine, and what your neighborhood looks like. In another instance, it could be someone who has worked in your home or neighborhood in the past and knows the right time to strike. Watch out for people like these and do not let anyone get too close to your home to know what your lifestyle or life schedule is like.


Never make your home look deserted

Even when you’re not at home, make it look like you’re home. This will be a huge deterrent to burglars and thieves. Burglars, most of the time will only look for an easy target to rob. They will hardly go close to an occupied home. So, whenever you’re not at home, there are a number of things you can do to make it look like you never left. Some of them include:


  • Leave a clean and working car in your driveway
  • Never allow your mails to go undelivered. Get a neighbor to pick them up for you.
  • Leave your lights or stereo on.
  • Get smart home appliances that you can remotely control so that burglars will have the feeling that you are at home.


These moves can go a long way in keeping burglars away. A locksmith in Antrim can as well provide you with an effective and professional solution that will give you peace of mind when you are away from your house.



locksmiths in Antrim


Actionable tips to burglary in Antrim

Keep your front door secure


In most burglary cases, the front door is the most common point of entry and in other cases the back door and windows are used. With this, you have to put in place every measure to keep your front door secure. You can install high quality locks, a security camera to monitor your front door and a smart doorbell with video recording. Even a potential burglar will think twice and turn around at the door. Most video doorbells have the feature that lets you answer the door with your smartphone from anywhere in the world. So, you can give the impression that you are home and prevent any potential burglar from breaking in.

If however, a burglar gets into your home, make sure you contact a locksmith to fix locks after burglary Antrim for you.

Do not leave tools lying around your house

No burglar will walk around your neighborhood holding break-in tools or a crowbar. They would not want to arouse any form of suspicion. But if you are the careless type who never bothers to clear tools from your driveway, porch or yard, then you are inadvertently making the job easier for the burglars. They will find it easy to break your locks and your door thereby putting you in the situation where you will have to fix locks after burglary Antrim.




What to do after a burglary Antrim?

Sometimes, the worst happens and that burglary we have been talking about preventing eventually happens. It can be quite devastating but when you put a call through to an emergency locksmith Antrim, they can be at the scene within 30 minutes. A locksmith in Antrim can help you repair and fix locks after burglary Antrim depending on which one you need. Usually, burglars will damage your locks, doors or windows for them to gain entry into your property so you may need to fix locks after Burglary Antrim. This is our area of specialization


As emergency locksmiths Antrim, we can carry out a security survey for you to make sure your property is safe, secure and you have durable locks that can withstand any form of break-in. We will also give you tips and advice on how to make your property unattractive to burglars while fixing any damages the burglar may have done to your door or lock.


We work round the clock and we have a very short response time – we will get to the scene in less than 30 minutes and help you fix locks after burglary Antrim. Of course, calling us does not mean you should not get in touch with the authorities. In fact, you should call the police first so they can take the right steps in apprehending the criminals and possibly recovering any stolen items.


Get in touch with us at Emergency Locksmith Belfast by calling 07866 522 422 immediately you notice the burglary and we will respond swiftly.

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24 Hour Emergency Locksmith Services in Belfast

Emergency Locksmith offer 24-hour mobile lock and key services. If you suddenly find yourself in a predicament you cannot solve or you need immediate help, contact Mark. He is an experienced, professional and friendly person who will assist you to solve your locked out problem. He is committed to quickly addressing the issue at hand no matter how sophisticated or elusive the solution may be. 

All you have to do is give us a chance and you will see why so many previous customers have relied on us for their emergency locksmith needs. The company values include being well-trained, highly skilled and experienced in a variety of lock technologies. 

Finding a skilfull locksmith may turn into a complicated matter for you as you attempt to sort through all the adverts and offers. How to know which company will actually do good work in a timely manner is sometimes like trying to understand a Google algorithm! Just when you think you know everybody in the business, a new sheriff will appear in the locksmith community declaring they are the best. Don’t trust these “fly-by-night” companies that are after a quick buck. Rely on tried and trusted companies and more specifically people who know what they are doing. has been around for several years and we know what we are doing!

The level of training present in this company allows the provision of excellent service and the ability to perform well with several different lock technologies. Finding the right and affordable company may be challenging, but relying on Mark will render the correct price for the correct service/product. 

The company takes your phone call seriously and will apply a sense of urgency to get you back on track. When you decide to reach out to us for help with your emergency lock or key issue, a locksmith will be immediately dispatched to your location. That same locksmith will arrive with all the required equipment and tools to get the job done. 

Give us a call! We can offer you a complimentary phone consultation regarding your needs. Time and experience has taught us that we can give an excellent degree of guaranteed satisfaction. 

Residential Locksmith


 When it comes to your dwelling, that is to say the place where you do most of your living, you don’t want to settle for anything but the best. We are your best choice for businesses and residential locksmithing in Nothern Ireland. We are available 7 days a week and 24 hrs per day. We will be here when the other guys are snoozing!

For a lockout or other issue at your home, we can guarantee we will come immediately so you don’t have to wait. And, to be professional in this kind of residential cirsumstance means we will arrive with all the necessary tools and equipment. To unlock a lock requires the correct keying mechanism. We have been doing this for years and we know how to get you back inside your house. You might even be moving into a new home requiring everything to be rekeyed. It may be that your mailbox needs a new lock or you might just need a few spare keys to keep around in case you need them. will always provide the best solution to your particular situation. 

Automotive Locksmith  

Automotive Locksmith  

 If you drive a car, truck, SUV or any other type of vehicle around Belfast, you should make yourself familiar with us. We are a handy company to know as statistical research indicates that most folks will lock themselves out of their car at least three(3) times during their lives. Many people will do this more times and the number of lockouts is directly proportional to the level of stress in our daily lives. 21st century people have many things to do and locking themselves out of a car appears to be a byproduct of the vast number of tasks that have to get done in any given day. 

When you turn to our company for your lockout situation, you will be able to get back on your way in no time at all. Mark is highly skilled and effective with a variety of lock technologies. He will quickly dispatch himself to your emergency situation and resolve the issue quickly. 

You see, we have learned one of the secrets to success in this business. It really is quite simple. We understand that when people have a lockout event, they are under stress. They may feel confused, angry, or even sad. We know we have to give our customers what they want and need for us to remain successful. The only thing that brings customers back in the future, is their experience of your company when they needed help. We seek to bring a lasting and quick solution to your being locked out of your car. 

Along with these fast and efficient services, it should please you to know we are affordable. Our prices are competitive and well below the national average for such a service. 

Should you find yourself in the unfortunate circumstance of being locked out of your automobile, get in touch with any time of day. We are available whenever you may need us. 

Commercial Locksmith

 Owning a commercial business can be a daunting experience. There are a great many things to think about and get done on any day. Being concerned about break ins or possibly an insurance premium going up is something better left to the locksmith professionals. Our service and years of experience can give you peace of mind and provide you with the necessary security to feel like everything is sorted.    

There are a variety of security features that can be installed in and around your commercial business. We can help protect your business investment by providing you the security features and details to avoid an intrusion from a thief. Without adequate business insurance and without security features to help, it is entirely possible a businesss will have to close after a significant break in. Do yourself a favor and contact us to see how we can protect your business. 

If you would like to learn more about how we can help keep you in business, get you back into your car, open your front door, or get you a spare key, contact and we will get you back to normal and on with your day. 

We offer complimentary, no-obligation, consultations along with our service guarantee.


24 Hour Emergency Locksmith Services in Belfast

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